Fab Finds & Favorite LA Shops This Week!


The AMAZING Ann Shen drew this awesome portrait of me at Shout & About!

Hey All!

We made it to Fry-Yay aka Friday and I couldn’t be happier for the weekend. This week was a bit of a challenge since I have been sick to my stomach with some hernia issues all week long. I’m just starting to semi recover and It’s not fun. I’ve been working really hard to grow the blog and my instagram in particular and I need to de-stress. I sadly do that with shopping and have I got some places to shop for you! Woot! I thought I would switch up my Fab Friday finds this week by not only sharing fun links on this site and cute products I found, but I’m going to share some of my new favorite shops in Los Angeles. Maybe I’ll switch it up each week! If you’re in the Los Angeles area you definitely need to check out these shops!

I finally visited Shout & About after god knows how long of wanting to go there. I love this little shop!

Shout & About

They have so many cute products from all my favorite designers, like Ann Shen! I got my portrait done there this past weekend and I couldn’t be happier!

Shout & About store

I went to my new home away from home Pygmy Hippo! This tiny little shop hosted an amazing Chris Uphues pop up shop to celebrate the mural he was putting up outside their shop.

Pygmy Hippo

This shop has adorable little products like this Beverly Hills 90210 key chain and a bunch of Chris Uphues products too!

Pygmy Hippo 2

This is a pic of when he was still making the mural.

Chris Uphues Mural

He also made a fun backdrop and photo props.

Chris Uphues Backdrop 2

I seriously wanted to take this backdrop home!

Chris Uphues Backdrop

I got some amazing meringues from Bo Nuage.

Bonuage interior

They have amazing little cakes call cloud cakes that are ridiculously good!

Bonuage Cakes

They also have the most delicious meringues as well. I got one of their meringue pops too! You definitely have to try them if you’re in LA.


And lastly my favorite new candy heaven is B Candy!

B's Candy Outside

I mean just look at this place!! I’m going to do a who post just on this store. Stay tuned!

B's Candy Inside

They not only have candy, they have the most amazing rainbow cakes, cookies, and ice cream as well! It’s a tasty treats paradise!

B's Candy Ice Cream

Those are just a few shops I found and visited this past week that I am in love with. I have so many shops that I love here in LA and I’m definitely going to share them with you!

On a side note did you check out this DIY Cute Puzzle I made? It’s beyond adorable. And also my Oh Joy For Target came in the mail and I’m over the moon about this OK Vase!

Oh Joy Vase

Here are some amazing things I found around the net as well:

Two words Flamingo Purse!

I need this cloud and rainbow dress asap!

Ice Cream Cone Pool Floatie!

I’m getting ready for summer with this Ban.do Herbie Giant Pool Float!

A DIY Sticker Cake!

Cute Zodiac Piñatas!

You need to watch all the Carpool Karaoke’s ever now!

This weekend we’re resting and checking out the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood. Be sure to follow me on Instagram and Snapchat at BriteandBubbly to follow along on my weekend adventures!