Fab Finds Of The Week and Hello From The Cook Islands!


I packed every foodie thing I own!

Hey All!

I packed my bags and I’m actually out of the country on a sort of vacation. I’m on a media trip visiting the Cook Islands for the Cook Islands Tourism Board. If you follow me on Instagram, you already new that as I’ve been here since Monday! I’ve been sharing when I can! Be sure to follow me on Snapchat too for live as we go adventures here in the Cook Islands. I thought I would check in and say happy weekend! I’m coming to you from the amazing Cook Islands, which are semi near New Zealand and Australia. Yes, I’m almost close to the Hobbits! Since I didn’t have a chance to share with you all my fab finds last week during donut week, since I was crazy getting ready for this trip, I figured I would share my finds with you this week as I brought alot of them with me here on this trip!

And here there are!

Did you make yourself a donut bead necklace? You should…NOW!

Hello, you can inject amazingness into donut holes? Yes please!

These gummy bear printables are AMAZINGNESS!

Ummmm, two of my favorite things combined in Donut Ice Cream Bowls!

A Donut peg board? I need one for my office stat!

I’m lounging on this donut beach blanket!

I’ve been playing with this Donut Frisbee all week!

I also brought these donut drink pool floats with me! I’m obsessed with them!

We’re in the Cook Islands until Saturday evening and we’ll be back just in time for Game of Thrones on Sunday! Thank the LORD!

Have a happy weekend everyone! See you back in the states next week!



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