Fab Finds of The Week & It’s Ice Cream Weekend!

B's Candy Ice Cream

Hey All!

I’m heading to my home town NYC today to take some meetings, do an ice cream crawl, and visit the AMAZING Museum of Ice Cream! You all know I’m the Ice Cream Queen, so this is going to be an amazing weekend for me! I’m so excited. I never thought I would have the chance to go to the museum since it closes down on September 4th. I’ll be snapchatting and Instagram Snapping and shooting a million and two pictures along the way, so be sure to follow along! I’m just happy to have one weekend when I’m not working 24 hours a day and I just get to have some ice cream fun!  The best kind of fun in my opinion. I also get to see family and friends and take some meetings. So it’s still going to be a busy next few days.

So have a great weekend everyone! We’ll see you next week!

But first check out our fab finds of the week!

I loved reading this article on Micro Influencers aka Influencers like myself who don’t have millions of followers, but have in the thousands of followers. Micro Influencers rock! All PR Reps should ready this article!

You need to make some of our bacon delicious pizza of course!

Did you make yourself some Pocky filled Pool Float Bon Bons yet?

I gotta make this Avocado Toast!

How cute and tasty do these cookie dough cupcakes look!

I need this fried egg cutting board!

And this egg bath mat!

I also desperately want these PINK Metalic Flats! Like Bad!

That’s all folks!

See ya next week!