Fab Recipes From The Avocados from Mexico Community! #iloveavocados #MC

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Hey All,

Do you often cook or eat avocados? My family and I love avocados with a passion. I often make Avocado Egg Rolls for my family for a snack or side. We first ate them when we went out to eat at a local restaurant and we instantly fell in love.

I learned to make them and they taste amazing. They are super simple to make and I would rather have my kids eating something like these avocado egg rolls than any junk foods they can get their hands on. We also eat avocados in salads, on hamburgers, and even in smoothies. Needless to say we eat a lot of avocado.

I recently discovered my new favorite place on the net to find and submit my recipes to that contain our favorite fruit! It’s the Avocados from Mexico Community. This community contains great recipes that contain avocado for breakfast, lunch, dinner, appetizers, and even dessert.


You can join the Avocados from Mexico Community by simply signing in with facebook and you can create an account where you can save the awesome recipes you find under My Favorite Recipes.

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I found and saved these amazing recipes that I can’t wait to try.

  • mexican bruschetta By: Couponing & Cooking
  • spookamole spooky ghouls By: Linette Gerlach, Bradford, OH
  • guacamole grilled cheese By: The Kitchen is My Playground

Don’t they sound amazing? I love all the easy features they have to allow you to find and make these recipes easily.


You can print out recipes and add them to a virtual shopping list, so you can head out and get the ingredients yourself.  You can also share the recipes online to all your social friends and spread the word about your favorite recipes.

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There is so much you can do in this community! I can go on and on about how you can download fun ringtones, wallpapers, screen savors and more! Don’t stop at just the community, check out the Chef’s Corner to browse some professional chef’s recipes as well. And lastly check out the Avocados from Mexico Community Blog and watch the Avocado Channel for new and unique ways to use avocados. If you’re a blogger like me you can even Apply to be an Avocado blogger!

If you love Avocado as much as we do you’ll definitely want to check out these amazing sites. I promise you will find some delectable dishes for you and your family.

What’s your favorite way to eat Avocados?