Fab #Tech Alert! Accell PowerSquid Surge Protectors!



Hey All!

Have you heard of the PowerSquid Surge Protector and Power Conditioner? I first came across this amazing brand while at the CES Conference. It’s a great product that offers a safe and easy way to provide 600 joules of surge protection to your sensitive electronics. I know families like mine have lots of gadgets around the house that can use this! You need to keep your products safe in case anything happens to the power! Surges in power can ruin some of your technology, hence why you need a good surge protector!


The PowerSquid is very convenient and easy to use. They also reach very far as they feature a 6 foot long heavy duty grounded power cord and power conditioner.


A basic surge protector will continue conducting power even after it’s joule rating has been reached leaving your connected equipment unprotected. When the PowerSquid reaches its maximum joule rating it will stop conducting power, ensuring your connected equipment is not exposed to harmful surges. I’m happy to know my very expensive electronics will be protected with out me having to worry about them should any power surges ever occur.


The PowerSquid also has a noise rejection function that isolates your equipment from power generated noise for a superior picture and sound when used with an audio or video device.

It’s a very handy device to have and it should be a must have for every household. It’s especially a must if you use a lot of electronics!

For more info on these products visit www.accellcables.com.



***Disclosure: I was not compensated or paid in any way for this post. I solely received this product to review and I am sharing this for the benefit of my readers. All opinions are my own. Experiences with products may vary.***