The Fabulous FEBREZE Home and Sport Collection- REVIEW

Hey all!  I just wanted to share with you how much I love Febreze! How many of you feel the same way? I’m sure there are a lot of you!

I have to say that not only am I the Queen of Swag I am the Queen of Febreze! As you can tell by my apron in the picture below!

I have a large variety of Febreze products ranging from the Original fabric freshener to the Febreze Sports Collection with “Sweat Tech” technology to the fabulous Febreze “Home” collection.

The Febreze sport spray is great to spray on clothes or furniture in these hot summer months to prevent any odors from invading your home.

If you have a house full of males like I do then it’s definitely a must to have. Men and boys like to get dirty and be active a lot, and it’s nice to have something to combat the odors left behind on their clothes and shoes from all that activity. It keeps everything smelling great with it’s sweat tech fighter power.

The Sport’s collection smells great and kills orders quickly! It comes in a collection of products ranging from laundry detergent to room or locker spray. I love them all and have used them all.

I highly recommend this collection if you have children or spouses who play a lot of sports! Run and get some Febreze Sport! It’s a life saver for after a game or the drive home from the game. Smelly sports socks are the worst!

I also deeply love the Febreze Home Collection.  I truly love the smells and styles the home collection comes in.

The home collection has the nicest scented reed diffuser that lasts up to 60 days of continuous freshness and it comes in a kit with the scented diffuser oil and 10 reads and a fabulous glass bottle with wooden top to hold the reeds in place.

It goes great with any decor. My scent of choice is the pomegranate mango scent for the home collection, but there is a variety of scents you can choose from. I also have the room spray in pomegranate mango and finally the flameless luminary.

The Flameless Luminary is almost like an electronic scented candle.

The kit for the luminary comes with a reusable lamp base, 2 scented shades (I have my favorite pomergrante mango), and with two AA batteries! Which I think is awesome because products rarely come with batteries these days! It comes in a variety of amazing scents that will keep your home smelling lovely for months. You just buy the refills for the scented shades after you’ve bought this kit to keep your place smelling fresh! I really do love these products because they look great, are very well made, and they smell amazing!

If you decide to run out and get your own fabulous Febreze Home Collection products you can now receive a $10 rewards card when you purchase $20 of your favorite Home Collection products.

For more info on how to sign up click this link:

They also have more special Febreze offers on that site.

I highly recommend you try Febreze to give your home the refreshing atmosphere it deserves.

Thanks for letting me share my love of Febreze with you and thank you for following my blog!

**Disclaimer: I was not contacted by Febreze to provide this review and information nor was I compensated in any way. All products and opinions are my own.**