Family Movie Night Out! Do you have them too? #Cbias #Movies

Hey All!

As you all know my family and I love movies! Being that me and my fiance made movies at one point in our lives and I went to film school at NYU, there is of course going to be a strong love of movies in our household since we’ve passed the love onto our family. We love going to the movies at least once a week and this week we were all dying to see the new Marky Mark aka Mark Wahlberg picture “Contraband!”

I have to say we all love Mark Wahlberg for some reason, since it just seems believable that he could kick butt and pull off a heist. I think it’s that slight edge he has. Regardless if it’s someone we love in the movie we do research the movie we want to see before we go out since movies are so expensive these days. We like to make sure we’re going to see a good movie so we don’t regret spending a ton of money to go out to see a film. Last week we went to see “Sherlock Holmes” and the week before was “New Years Eve.” This week was our week for Contraband!

We scoped out the film on Rotten Tomatoes to see what people were saying about it. The reviews weren’t bad so we decided to get our tickets. We decided to go to our Favorite Cinema, Arclight Cinemas so we logged onto their website to get tickets! If you’re a member you save when you buy your tickets online, so I always make sure I log in to get the tickets.

We selected our closet theater Sherman Oaks!

What we love about the Arclight is we can select our seats and it’s also a really a classy theater. They will kick anyone out of the theater who is acting unruly as there are always ushers in the theater or near by which I love. This makes it a very family friendly theater as well since you don’t have to worry about any of that. This is a classy theater!

We got our seats, printed out our tickets, and headed to the theater. We like to buy our tickets ahead of time since we don’t like to wait in the huge lines at the Arclight.

When we got to the theater we were surprised to find it was super empty. We have never seen it that empty in our entire lifetime of going to this theater. It is usually packed! It was kind of nice since it felt like we had the entire theater to ourselves.

We got our favorite caramel corn, hotdog, drinks, and kiddie meal and headed into the theater.

The usher introduced the movie, which is another perk of seeing films at this fabulous theater.

We all really liked the movie! It’s about a character named Chris Farraday, played by Mark Wahlberg, who was a smuggler who has now settled down into family life with his wife played by Kate Beckinsale. When his wife’s little brother Andy gets involved in a smuggle gone band with the local thug Tim Briggs played by Giovanni Ribisi, he’s forced to go on one last smuggling run to try and make things right to save his life. But of course things don’t go as he expects and lots of action and suspense occurs.

It was another great night at the movies for our family. You can check out our entire movie night out experience from buying the tickets to the theater HERE in my Google Plus Album! Please check it out!

Do you have a family movie night out with your family?

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