Family Road Trip Memories!

Hey All!

Summer is around the corner and there is nothing better than having some fun in the sun and taking road trips with your family. I grew up taking road trips with my family in RVs. Traveling in an RV allows for more quality time together as a family. At the time I didn’t appreciate it, because I was a kid, but now I think back on all the fun times I had with my family. I’m super excited to work and partner with Go RVing to take you down memory lane and share why I have such fond memories of RVing.

This is one of the rare old photos of me on one of the very last RV trips we ever took to upstate New York. Sorry if it’s hard to see. It’s a photo I searched high and low for and had to take out of one of my mom’s scrapbooks. I’m sitting in the RV like I’m ready to hit the road. With all the moving my family did, a lot of my photos from when I was a kid have been sadly lost. I’m glad I could at least find one photo. I also didn’t like to take photos when I was younger, if you couldn’t tell by that picture below. But look at me now folks! I love taking my brite & bubbly photos!

When you’re in an RV, you really have to interact with your family and bond. Each trip would be a time that we would catch up and enjoy each other’s company. I loved it, as my parents both worked full time jobs and I was always in some kind of after school programs like dance or drama. We would only see each other mostly for dinner and the weekends. Taking RV trips would allow us to come together and bond. We would bring our dog sometimes and it would be our family adventure. You can’t really bring your family dog on a traditional vacation, which makes RVing so awesome. We would take our trips in the summer and they would be some of the best summers I would ever have.

Taking an RV family road trip is a great option for families who want to take an affordable vacation. You can buy an RV if you want but we would rent ours. RVs are available starting at just $6,000! RVs are like a hotel on wheels, so you don’t have to worry about paying for one. You have your own kitchen, your own bedding/sheets right on board. RVing works well for families who like to eat healthy while on the road or who have kids with allergies. Some models have extra storage for families going on long trips; some models have room for toys like ATVs/bikes/etc. RVing allows for discovering new places and spontaneous stops along the way that you might miss if you just hopped on a plane.

Now that I’m all grown up, I can’t wait to take my own family on an RV road trip! We love to spend our days having fun in the sun and having picnics.

We also love to play games and just be outdoors during the summer months. What better way for us to get outdoors than by taking a family road trip in an RV!

With the way airports are now-a-days, who wants the hassle of dealing with airlines and checking bags. With an RV there are no bag fees, no security lines, no time expectations or limits, and you only have to pack once!

I’m going to start planning our own summer RV trip and I can’t wait to make some memories with my own family.

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