Father’s Day is Almost here! Tiny Prints has the best Cards for Dad!

Hey all!

This is a preview of just one of the Father’s Day Features coming in my upcoming Father’s Day Gift Guide. I digress…

What is your favorite Father’s Day tradition? I can tell you a little about what me and my Family do to celebrate Father’s day. Every year that we get to see my Father and we have a tradition of taking my dad out to eat and shopping for the day. We do try to change it up a bit slightly since my dad’s tastes usually change every year. We take him out to eat at his favorite restaurant at the moment, right now he’s obsessed with Sizzlers and goes there once a week, so we will take him out to Sizzler’s this year to eat Lunch or dinner, which ever he wants.

And the one thing that we do EVERY year is we go to his heaven on Earth, Sears! We take him shopping at Sears and he is beyond happy.

He loves to spend the day shopping at sears. I can’t tell you how much he loves sears. He loves it so much he probably goes to Sears every week.

I also get him a great card with a gift card to go shipping with.

I love that Tiny Prints has some of the best cards for Father’s Day this year. I already snagged this Daddy O’s mock cereal box cover card.

That is NOT my father in the picture of course, but I wanted you to see a high quality pic of the card as opposed to me scanning in the card and it decreasing the amazing detail of this card.

TinyPrints.com offers such an Amazing wide range of Father’s Day cards.

Such adorable cards to choose from!

They are perfect for Dad’s, Grandpa’s, anyone you want to celebrate as your Dad for this Father’s Day.

I highly recommend you check out Tiny Prints today! You can see all their Father’s Day cards by CLICKING HERE!

Tiny Prints truly has the perfect way to say…

***Disclosure: I will hopefully be receiving a gift card to Tiny Prints for this post and I am sharing this for the benefit of my readers. All opinions are my own.***