Our Favorite Halloween Movies To Watch!

Hey All!

With Halloween around the corner, I figured I would share our favorite Halloween movies to watch each year. These are movies that I simply never miss and always put on each year. I’ve loved these movies since I was a kid and some of them scared the heck out of me and some of them I just love and feel all nostalgic for. I made a little printable list for you in case you want to print it out and have some friends over on Halloween to watch them too. You can print them out and have a list to know what movie is coming on next. You can also find some of these movies streaming on the 31 Nights of Halloween on Freeform, on Netflix, Hulu, or on Amazon.

You can download the printable list HERE!

Here are our choices!

1. HOCUS POCUS, because you all know I’m obsessed with this movie!

2. Halloween: H20! I know everyone is like the original Halloween is what you should be watching, but I just love this one and it’s got Joseph Gordon Levitt in it!

3. HalloweenTown. I would say all the movies, but the first has always been my favorite. I remember when it premiered on Disney Channel! I was so beyond excited and loved it!

4. A Nightmare On Elm Street, because what’s scarier than Freddy? Nothing! He haunts your dreams!

5. IT! The original movie!

6. Child’s Play, because Chucky was equal parts terrifying and funny!

7. Scream, because that movie is a classic.

8. Ghostbusters, need I say more.

9.  The Rocky Horror Picture Show, because I need to re-enact it and sing and dance.

10. Friday The 13th, because Jason is cray cray and you gotta see some teens screaming for their lives on Halloween.

11. The Craft, because we all know we tried to play light as a feather stiff as a board after watching this movie!

And last but not least.

12. Fright Night, because Chris Saradon was like the sexiest and scariest vampire ever!

Hope you love these movies just as much as I do! Have a scare filled Halloween everyone!