Favorite Toy Story 4 Finds!

Hey All!

Since we’re seeing Toy Story 4 today, I thought I would share some of our favorite products that we’ve bought or plan to buy since we’re obsessed with all things Toy Story 4! The merch for this movie is amazing and I WANT IT ALL! I’m going to go bankrupt because of this movie I swear! There are so many cute toys, clothes, and accessories I can’t even handle it! I feel like it’s every where I turn!

Here are just some of my favorites I have gotten my hands on and that I plan to buy ASAP!



1.  Disney Woody Interactive Talking Action Figure 15” and Buzz Lightyear Interactive Talking Action Figure – 12”! (These toys react to your voice and essentially come to life! You can say “Andy is coming!” and the toys fall down. They are pretty amazing.)

2. Disney Toy Story Alien Stretchie Sleeper and Hat for Baby (We bough this for my Mommy and me Alien Bound and it’s adorable!)

3. Toy Story Alien Backpack by Harveys (Wish I had this during our Alien Bound!)

4. Disney Hamm Card Holder Wallet (I love Hamm!)

5. Disney Giggle McDimples Pet Patrol Crossbody Bag (I got this since I’m obsessed with the character and going to interview the woman who voices her!)

6. Toy Story Alien Light-Up Headband (Got for my Mommy and me Alien Bound!)

7. Ducky and Bunny ”Stuck on You” T-Shirt (I love these characters already and I haven’t even seen the movie!)

8. Buzz Lightyear Spirit Jersey or this cloud print Disney Toy Story Spirit Jersey for Adults (These are perfect to wear to see the movie or to the park!)

9. Jessie’s Campground Adventure Play Set by Little People (My son is obsessed with these Toy Story Little People!)

10. Forky Scoop Neck T-Shirt for Women (We’re obsessed with Forky!)

11. Toy Story 4 Socks (I need the Forky Socks!)

12. Toy Story Freshly Picked Baby Mocs (I buy all of mocs these for the baby!)

Bonus Products:

13. Toy Story Dungaree Set for Baby (Buying this for him asap!)

14. Pizza Planet Mug and Forky Spoon Set (I need this mug!)

15. Luxo Ball Leggings for Women (This would go perfect with the spirit jersey’s mentioned before!)

I hope you enjoy this round up of my favorite Toy Story Products! I’m so going to bound all the new characters! I can’t wait to see this movie! I know I’m going to LOVE it!

This is just a tiny fraction of what you can buy for Toy Story 4 right now! Let’s not forget to mention the Toy Story 4 Mc Donald’s Toys! I need them ALL!

You can find more Disney Fun HERE!


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