Feeling Light As A Feather In My New Reebok Skyscape Shoes!

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Reebok. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.


Hey All!

I’m happy to finally share we welcomed a new addition to our household! I just got myself a pair of Reebok Skyscape shoes! Yes my shoes are my babies because I’m a shoe-hoarder and I had to have them while I was shopping on Kohl’s. You all may recognize these shoes from the commercials with sexy model and mom, Miranda Kerr who comes in her apartment and starts to go take a shower and she forgets she has Reebok Skyscape shoes still on since they are so light. You can watch Miranda’s Skyscape ad here if you have never seen it.

When I first saw that commercial I thought to myself how could someone forget to take off their shoes before they got in the shower. That’s ridiculous. But now that I have these shoes I can see how that is seriously possible. These shoes are ridiculously light and comfortable. I often forget that I have them on. I literally lay on the couch to relax and fall asleep with them on because I forget I have them on.


They are an everyday shoe for active and casual wear. Skyscape features 360 degrees of foam comfort in a fun, flirty silhouette that pairs perfectly with jeans, skirts or yoga pants and is so comfortable. The Skyscape upper is crafted using the same manufacturing techniques and processes as molded foam bras, but using materials that have been optimized for the stresses and strains placed on the feet all day. The seamless, 2-way stretch material creates a soft, comfortable envelope around the top and sides of the foot, while allowing for natural foot movement and breathability. The sole of the shoe resembles cloud-like pillows, and provide cushioning, comfort and flexibility for all-day comfort. The flirty lace-up silhouette comes in a broad range of colors to match any outfit or mood.

Reebok Skyscape features:

  • Foam material in the upper for softness and flexibility
  • Low-cut design for added mobility
  • Seamless construction for minimized rub and irritation
  • Unique architecture designed to support the foot and provide all-day comfort
  • Minimal rubber accents only where needed for traction
  • Skyspring technology – features a unique design architecture designed to help support the foot and provide all day comfort
  • They Only Weigh 5.0 ounces!!


I will say it again,  the Reebok Skyscape shoes weigh just 5 ounces! They are super light. I probably have never worn shoes that were this light. The weight and feel compared to other casual/lifestyle shoes I’ve you’ve worn in the past in unparalleled. They don’t feel like anything I’ve ever worn in the past. My feet are usually swollen and exhausted after running different errands, running after kids, and tackling my daily to-do list. I spend hours on my feet as anyone with a family would know. These are the only shoes I’ve found that offer all-day comfort. My feet don’t hurt at the end of the day when I’m wearing these. The amount of cushion inside in addition to the light weight make them so gentle for your feet.  My legs and feet feel less stiff and sore at the end of the day.The Reebok Skyscape shoes allow you to feel comfortable throughout the day and add a fun, flirty look to your wardrobe.

I got the black color as I figured they would match well with all my outfits and I like the light blue interior. The black I figured wouldn’t get dirty as fast either, but they are machine washable so you don’t have to worry about getting them dirty.


My favorite time to wear them is when I walk and jog with the dogs! These shoes were meant for walking and that’s just what I do… All day long. My feet are thanking me for getting a pair of Reebok Skyscape Shoes!



For more info visit the Kohl’s and Reebok websites!

Do you have a pair of Reebok Skyscapes and are you in love with them just as much as I am?