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Hey All!

It’s Rosacea awareness month and if you’ve been following me on for some time, you would know that I have been very vocal over the years about the skin condition I have called Rosacea. I’ve had it for years and as I’ve gotten older, I’ve thankfully learned to manage it with treatment from my dermatologist. I’ve also learned to accept and love my overly red blotchy and broken out skin. Knowing that I’m not alone has always brought me and my family great comfort! I’m one of the 16 million Americans dealing with this skin issue each day.


When someone does not feel good about themselves and doesn’t love the skin their in, it affects their mood and their confidence and mental health. That also affects the family and friends around you. That was something I learned very quickly and why I learned very quickly that I had to take care of my condition and learn to accept it.


By sharing this journey of self-love and acceptance, I’ve connected with so many people who live with Rosacea over the years and found so much support. Thankfully there is now a space where those of us with Rosacea can come together and find community online. It’s called! It’s a space where people can come together to share their experience with Rosacea and find support. You can also express your experience with Rosacea by uploading photos, poems, paintings, videos or letters along with messages of support to

You can immerse yourself in the creative submissions and learn more about the condition in Rosacea Space. You can log on with your friends and family to learn more and help raise awareness during Rosacea Awareness Month.


Since my Rosacea journey has been to learn to love my red skin and be comfortable in my skin, I began to coin the term “Red Is Beautiful” whenever I would feel bad about myself. I say this to myself all the time and I decided to make a DIY banner that has this phrase written on it.

It’s something simple and easy to make to serve as a reminder when I’m feeling down. It’s nice to have something that will remind you to love yourself and will instantly help to pull you out of putting yourself down the moment you see it. I will be sharing how to make it on Rosacea Space, as I want to inspire others to say “Red Is Beautiful” and be comfortable in their own skin. I also want to contribute this little piece of creativity and share my journey with this new community.

Here is how to make it:

Supplies Post Divider

• Blank Canvas Flags
• Iron On Sheets or Red Infusible Ink Sheets
• Craft-Cutting Machine or Scissors and Craft Knife
• Iron or Heat Press
• Heat Resistant Tape
• Download This Red Is Beautiful Image

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There are two ways you can make this easy DIY. You can Download the Red Is Beautiful Image and print it onto an iron on sheet and cut it out with a scissors and craft knife…

Or you can load the image to your craft-cutting machine and cut the image out of Infusible Ink Sheets. I chose to do it this way.


I cut out my image from Red Infusible Ink Sheets and taped it onto the flag with heat resistant tape. This will help prevent it from moving when you use your iron or heat press.


Once the image was secure in the spot that I wanted on the flag, I placed my heat press onto the image and let it sit there for a few minutes until it went off. You can also use an iron to do this. Just make sure to go back and forth slowly with the iron.


Once the image is transferred to the flag, let it cool for a few minutes and then pull off the heat resistant tape.


You’re flag is done! You can add some pom poms and embellishments to it if you’d like, but it’s perfectly fine to hang as is.


You can also make a t-shirt with this image as well. Make sure to hang it some place where you’ll be able to see it and get your daily reminder that you’re perfect in your own skin.


Be sure to check out for more inspiring stories and to learn more and help raise awareness during Rosacea Awareness Month. Upload your own photos, poems, paintings, videos or letters along with messages of support to!

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  • " target="_blank">Natalie

    Beautiful and very easy to make DIY. And such a great cause, too!

  • " target="_blank">Kathy

    I love that you made this. I may need to make a shirt out of this. I love that there is awareness of Rosacea too. I learned about this years ago.

  • " target="_blank">Beth

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I have a friend with rosacea and it’s so much more than just a red face. It’s really hard on her.

  • " target="_blank">Heather

    It’s wonderful that there is a community out there where others with rosacea can get together and support one another. That makes me happy!

  • " target="_blank">Bryan

    I have not heard of rosacea and thus know nothing about it. It’s good to know that there are communities of support for those who have this condition.

  • " target="_blank">briannemanzb

    It’s so true that our skin affects our confidence and mental health. I’ve struggled with accepting my skin flaws for a long time but indeed accepting my blemishes and red skin is the only way to self-love and true confidence. I love this quote!

  • " target="_blank">Fransic verso

    This is awesome! I like the end results and it looks pretty. I will check it a bit later. Thank you for sharing!

  • " target="_blank">Ntensibe Edgar

    Aaaahhhhhh….it is finally great to put a name to a condition I have seen for so long without knowing it’s full name. I love your flag and the shared community space.

  • " target="_blank">Stacy

    Oh I love the message so much! It’s empowering and very much needed in today’s society 🙂

  • " target="_blank">Marysa

    It is nice to have support and connect with other people. THis sounds like a great initiative!

  • " target="_blank">Steve

    I have psoriasis so I know what you mean.