Five Mom-Inspired Driving Tips! #Esurance

Hey All!

Driving these days can be such a dangerous thing now a days especially when you have a family. You want to try to keep them safe in a work filled with people texting, surfing the web, watching tv, and god knows what else as they drive. You want to take every precaution to keep everyone in your family safe when you’re driving. Hopefully you’re not guilty of doing any of what I mentioned above. I’m not. I actually took the Oprah pledge to not text and drive and I HAVE STOOD WITH IT!

It’s really hard since I know in this day in age we’re all addicted to own smart phones. I know I’m addicted to my iphone and I am guilty of doing things I shouldn’t behind the wheel. But no one is perfect and we just have to learn from our mistakes right. I’m thankful I’ve never gotten myself into any trouble doing any of these dumb things behind the wheel and I’m glad I’ve learned my lesson and don’t do them any longer.

Here are 5 tips I wanted to share with you that will hopefully inspire you to drive a little safer on the roads! They’ve inspired me!

1. PUT THE PHONES DOWN. Leave your phone connected to it’s charger or in the cup holder or in the glove compartment. If it’s not readily available to you, you won’t be tempted to pick it up as you drive.

2. Make sure everyone clicks that seat belt. I know it’s a no brainer but you’ll be surprised how many people don’t! I even have pet seat belts for our dogs since you don’t want them to go flying in a accident do you? Make sure your family as well as your pets are buckled in!

3. No watching tv’s in the car while your driving! Let the back seat passenger watch and not you!

4. Make sure you do your yearly car maintenance on your car. You don’t want to lose control of your car since you didn’t get your brakes checked or something worse.

5. And last but not least. Don’t drive when you’re angry! Road rage is at an all time high and I know moms are under a ton of stress but I do feel it shouldn’t be displayed in front of the kids in the car and it shouldn’t come out in your driving either.

Let’s keep everyone safe on the road!


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