Floor Time Fun Before Bath Time!

This conversation is sponsored by Swiffer at Sam’s Club. Opinions are my own.

Hey All!

My baby and I have some rituals that we do every day and one of them is to have to some floor time fun each day before bath time. It’s honestly the only way I’ve found that gets him excited for bath time. We sit on the floor and play for a little bit before he goes in the bath. It’s his favorite time of day as well. Before we get to playing on the floor before bath time, I like to make sure the floor is clean. We all have dust, dirt and allergens that build up on our floors, so I’m always cleaning them before we play on them. Thankfully, I keep my floors ready for play time the quick and easy way with Swiffer products from Sam’s Club. I love my Swiffer Sweeper Dry Refills in particular. I’m stocking up on them right now because Sam’s Club is offering a great deal on some Swiffer products. Through September 15th, Sam’s Club members can save $3 on Swiffer Dry and Swiffer Wet refills at Sam’s Club and samsclub.com. 

Swiffer Dry traps dirt, dust, hair and crumbs while Swiffer Wet has powerful dirt-dissolving cleansers that pull dirt from surfaces and lock it away. Using these products together help me make sure that our floor is ready for any and all fun time floor activities! 

I also love that they are unscented and work on multiple types of floors. I have different floor types in my home, so it makes it easy to clean them all. 

This 2 pack of Swiffer Dry Refills will last a good while, which I love because it saves me trips to the store. It also saves me time and money! For the cost of what I would pay at my local grocery store, I get double the amount through this great deal at Sam’s Club. It’s also even easier to shop when I use FREE Club Pickup! 

I can shop online on the Sam’s Club website and select to pick up my Swiffer Dry Refills. I can just head to the store, run in and run out. It’s the quickest shopping trip ever! It also saves me money because I don’t have to pay for shipping this way. 

My Swiffer and all my Swiffer products are a lifesaver and I’ve been using them since they launched. They are so handy and helpful for busy moms like myself. I can just quickly pass my Swiffer with a Swiffer Dry Refill on it over the floor and make sure we’re ready for play time. I don’t have to spend a lot of time cleaning our floors and I don’t have to worry it won’t get the job done. It does every time and I can see everything it’s picked up right on the refill, which I can just toss in the trash after I’m done. 

I can be worry free that we won’t be sneezing from any dust or playing in any dirt when we sit to play on the floors with my Swiffer Dry Refills! Make sure to visit Sam’s Club or samsclub.com to take advantage of this great deal on Swiffer Dry/Wet refills! You don’t want to miss this awesome deal! I’m taking full advantage of it and stocking up! I highly recommend you should to if you love Swiffer products just as much as I do!

This conversation is sponsored by Swiffer at Sam’s Club. Opinions are my own.Social posts: #ad

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