Foodie Dice For Cooking Fun!


Hey All!

You all know how much I love getting down in the kitchen right? Well as much fun as it is to come up with recipes, it can be a challenge to come up with something new and unique each time I cook. Everything has been done recipe wise now-a-days, so it’s hard to make a recipe that is original and easy to make. Luckily there is something that I recently received that is making my recipe creation easier and fun and it’s called Foodie Dice!

These are fun because you essentially roll the dice that come inside this adorable glass jar and the recipe is created for you. Foodie dice are composed of 9 dice labeled with fresh, seasonal ingredients to create over 186,000 recipes. I know that’s a lot of recipes right? The possibilities are endless as you never know what mix of ingredients you’ll get with each roll. I like the element of surprise and it’s made cooking all the more fun. I roll the dice and check the kitchen to see if I have the ingredients I need. If I don’t have the ingredients I run out to get them. It has encouraged me to use more fresh ingredients in my recipes.


Foodie Dice come in two packaging options – a cotton muslin drawstring pouch ($24) or a reclaimed wine bottle tumbler with a cork cap ($38). Foodie Dice is available for purchase at Fueled by a desire to make cooking fun, the Downey sisters who created Foodie Dice aim to create uniquely crafted goods that inspires to serve a growing foodie and maker population that appreciates natural, whole foods and ingredients.

You never know what combinations you’ll get with each roll of the dice. It truly makes recipe creation fun and easier.


If you’re looking for a way to spice up your recipes and a way to make your meal creations a little more fun you’ll definitely want to check out Foodie Dice!


I solely received this product for review. All Opinions are my own.