Free Printable 90’s Throwback Halloween Party Invites!


Hey All!

I’m finally back with our final last bunch of Halloween posts. It’s sad to be finishing up Halloween as it’s my favorite Holiday. It seems like everything under the sun has prevented me from getting up my Halloween content and being a one woman show, there is only so much I can do. But I refused to not post all the work I worked so hard on, so get ready as I’m going to throw up multiple last minute Halloween Costume ideas and DIYs for the next few days. We’re starting with these amazing Free Printable 90’s Throwback Halloween Party Invites! I told you it was a Lisa Frank Halloween and I am so happy to share these fun invites which I worked on with my bestie Erik Buikema! He helped me bring my dream Holla-Ween party invites to life! If you have any last minute Halloween shin-digs you’re throwing, these are sure to be a hit with all those you invite. You can also save them for next year, as this amount of cuteness never goes out of style.

You can DOWNLOAD these amazing free invites right HERE! They also can be printed with a cute candy corn background.


The background has two varieties of colors.


You can do the cute white themed background…


Which is beyond cute!


Or you can do the purplish background.


Both are super cute! I did a variety of both for my own party this year.


You pair them with some A2 size orange and green envelopes, which I found HERE. They are the perfect size and colors for this colorful Halloween party invite. You can send them off or hand them out just like that. Super simple and fun!


If you want to go the extra mile, you can pair them with some fun Lisa Frank Halloween Pencils like this amazing rainbow pumpkin!


This boo pencil, which is my favorite!


Or this witch pencil! I found my pencils on Etsy. I found THESE Lisa Frank Halloween Pencils just now, which are similar! Or you can pair them with some Lisa Frank Stencils


How cute are those?!! I’m in love with them!


Or some Lisa Frank Halloween Party Favor Whistles or Rings! I also have THESE RINGS as well! You can find tons of amazing Lisa Frank Halloween products for sale on ETSY or EBay!  They are the perfect additions to any Lisa Frank inspired Halloween Party!


If you want to go simple, you can just fill them with some Halloween confetti! When the person opens the envelope, there’s a party already waiting for them inside.


You can also get yourself some Lisa Frank Confetti as well! I found mine on Etsy!


And last but not least, you can pair your invites with this fun pin version of our candy corn! Erik turned it in into the cutest Halloween Pin ever! You can snag a pin version of this candy corn right HERE! Get them while you can, as his pins sell out fast!


You can pin it to the card and send it off! I’m sure who ever gets it will be over the moon when they see it. You will definitely keep your #PINGAME strong with this adorable pin! How cute would it be to wear to your Halloween parties?! Love it!

Seal off the envelopes with some Lisa Frank Stickers of course and BOOM! You have some adorable invites/favors for you party guests!



How ever you decide to put these Halloween invites together, they will surely be one of the cutest invites you’re guests have ever seen!


I hope you and your party guests love them as much as I do! Have a spooktastic time at all your Halloween fiestas!

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And be sure to tag your picture #BandBHalloweenParDIY if you do make these invites, as I’d love to see how you decided to make them!