Freebie & Coupon Friday!


I’m going to do my best to provide you with freebies aka swag and coupons every Friday!

First off:

**Everyone needs to click the picture bellow and sign up for:

Right at Home is fantastic! You can get free samples and coupons that can equal up to $30 in savings on some of your favorite products like Glade, Pledge, and Swiffer! I know I can’t live with out my Swiffer!

They are giving away a dollar off glade fabric odor eliminator at the moment. Get yours by click on the picture below:

You can also “like” them on facebook for more special offers here:

** has two freebie promotions running currently:

1) Free $5 gift certificate to when you sign up for our newsletter:

2) Free Ground Shipping on select products:

**FREE Samples Of Head & Shoulder Shampoo And Conditioner, Plus Coupons!

This is from P&G Everyday Solutions which is another program I mentioned you should sign up for asap in a previous post! They are like the Right @ Home program in which they offer discounts and samples from your favorite brands!

**FREE 2-Day Sample Of 24 Hour Prevacid (For Heartburn)

**FREE Sample Of Breathe Right “Extra” Nasal Strips

Just register with their site here.

**FREE Sample Of Achooz Saline Nose Wipes

Your choice between Cool Menthol and Fragrance Free.

**FREE Sample of Metamucil Clear & Natural

**FREE Business Cards From Starbucks

**FREE Bic Easy Glide Pen

They are giving away 1,000 per day AT 12 NOON EASTERN TIME ON THE DOT.

That’s all I have for today!

Enjoy your Friday Freebies and Coupons and Thanks for following my Blog!

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