Make An R2 D2 BOOKMARK & Make Reading Fun! #Crafts #Frugal

Hey All!

This week on My Frugal Family Fun with Kids post I wanted to share what I think helps my kids want to read. We make our own BookMarks from our favorite Movie and Cartoon Characters like R2D2!

This is soooo easy to do and you will have a blast picking characters and making them with your kids.

All you need is a printer, some white card stock or regular white paper, scissors, and an x-acto knife!

You simply print out the character you want like R2 D2 from an image you have or you can do a google search for your child’s favorite character.

Like this pic I used.

Then you print out the character.

You cut him or her out with the scissors and then use the X-acto knife to cut a slit around R2’s chest plate or if you can another character it can be their upper lip or chest. So when you cut along the chest lines of R2 it should come out like so.

It should flip up so you can put it over your pages in the book like so.

Your kids will love having all their favorite chractaers around as they turn the pages of their favorite book!

It takes like 5 minutes to do, it’s super simple and it will get your kids happy to read.

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