Fun and Easy Halloween Peanut Marshmallow Bark Recipe.

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Hey All!

Did you know Peanuts and peanut butter provide lasting energy and are a smart addition to your diet any time of the day. It’s also an affordable source of protein and really convenient–you can take a pack with you or stir peanut butter in a smoothie or your oatmeal. With 7 grams per serving, peanuts have more energy boosting protein than any nut. Coupled with their more than 30 essential vitamins and nutrients, peanuts are considered a Superfood.


Peanuts are not only good for you, they are the perfect addition to any recipe. As Halloween is quickly approaching I decided to make a fun easy recipe that anyone can enjoy using Peanuts! I put on my Peanuts apron and got to the kitchen to show you how to make it.


I came up with this Easy Halloween Peanut Marshmallow Bark Recipe. When I think of Peanut recipes, the first thing that came to mind was to make Peanut Brittle. Instead of making Peanut Brittle, I decided to hack that recipe and make it simpler and sweeter for Halloween.


I used simple ingredients that I needed to get for Halloween.


Here is the Recipe Below so you can make it.



Here is a visual guide of what I describe above:


Like I stated in the recipe, make sure the chocolate is melted and smoothed over the entire pan.


And once you’re done it should look like this when it’s hardened and when you crack it into pieces.


It’s a colorfully Peanut Filled treat that is perfect for Halloween. You can serve it for your parties, for your holiday guests, or just for your family. You can even wrap it up in cute Halloween treat bags and hand it out at work or to trick or treaters.


It truly is the perfect recipe to incorporate my favorite healthy snack Peanuts! No this isn’t the healthiest recipe, but it’s Halloween and it’s always nice to have a treat. It will surely give you a pick me up and some energy to burn when you take a bite of this tasty treat.


It’s fun to be the Ghostess with the Mostess as I serve my Halloween Peanut Marshmallow Bark for the holiday.

For More info on Peanuts visit the National Peanut Board website.

How do you like to eat Peanuts?