Fun and Frugal Disney Family Fun for Everyone!

Hey All!

I’m happy to announce that I am now a contributor to the blog Living on Love and Cents. Each Month I will be contributing two posts about Fun and Frugal activities, events, and crafts you can do with your kids that will cost you nothing or hardly nothing. I’ll also be contributing ways to Give when you don’t really have the funds to be charitable. There are lots of ways to give without giving money. I digress. I just wanted to give you all a preview of what’s to come.

On to the Frugal Fun! My family and I are Disney-A-Holics and so naturally we love all things Disney, so to entertain the kids in our home and get our daily Disney Fix we always visit Disney Family Fun.

If you’ve never visited this site your missing out on lots of Frugal fun and amazing crafts and recipes. We always find amazing crafts, printables, and fun recipe and decorating ideas on this site. One craft I recently found that got the kids excited was making a Mickey Night light!

Photo Courtesy of Disney Family Fun

What was great about this craft was you didn’t need buy anything to do this. All you need is a printer, an empty cereal box cereal box or a manila folder, some newspapers, and your own lamp or flashlight.

Here are the simple Directions:

  • Download this Template HERE AND PRINT IT.
  • Tape this template to one side cut from an empty cereal box or a manila folder, and place it on top of a stack of newspaper.
  • Use a pushpin to make holes about V-inch apart along the dotted lines of the template.
  • When you’re done, remove the template and mount it on a lampshade or illuminate it with a flashlight.

This is sure to make any child who loves Disney and Mickey happy to see Mickey being projected on their wall at bed time. I know my kids love it and yours will too!

This post is also featured in Fun and Frugal For Kids at Living on Love and Cents.

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Hope you enjoy this Fun Disney Craft!