Fun & Easy DIY Ice Cream Jewelry!

Hey All!

To match those DIY Ice Cream Queen Sunnies, you’re going to need some fun ice cream jewelry. No need to go out and buy some when you can easily make some of your own. Today I’m sharing with you how to make some Fun & Easy DIY Ice Cream Jewelry! Who doesn’t love some cute ice cream earrings, bracelets, and rings? I know I do! They are the perfect accessories to wear for National Ice Cream Month and National Ice Cream Day! I’m making a bunch in different colors, so I can showcase my ice cream love all month long.

Here is how to make them!

First you can make yourself ice cream some rings! You take you adjustable ring bases and hot glue your ice cream charms and erasers to your rings.

Let them dry completely and you’re done making your rings.

To make a necklace you take a clay ice cream piece and screw in an eye pin peg to the top of the cone.

Try to screw it into the center of the cone and make sure to not crack your cone in the process. Add a silver jump ring to the peg and then pull your chain through!

Boom! You have an adorable ice cream necklace. I told you these were super simple to make.

You do the same process as you did for the necklace for the earrings, except you add some earring hooks to the jump rings. I used a mix of silver and gold pegs, jump rings and earring hooks, because that’s just what I had. But you can use same colored pieces if you buy all the same colors. Either way looks fine! The silver pin pegs actually pick up the gold color of the hooks, so you can’t really tell they are silver.

For the bracelets, you’ll make some ice cream charms by doing the same process as the earring sand necklace except you’ll add a little lobster claw hook to the jump ring.

It will look like how you see below.

You’ll do that for as many ice cream cone charms as you’d like on your bracelet and then you’ll hook them onto you bracelet. Make sure to do a variety of different colored ice cream cones to make it all the more fun!

And that’s it! That’s how you make yourself some cute, fun and easy DIY ice cream jewelry!

They go perfectly with all my ice cream accessories.

Yesssssss Ice Cream Queen is what people will yell when you where them! LOL.

Raise your hands if you love ice cream month?!! I know I do!

You can just make the earrings…

Or the rings…

Or make them all to celebrate National Ice Cream month! And don’t forget to wear it all for National Ice Cream Day!

I’m ready for both ice cream filled celebrations, are you? Make yourself some ice cream jewelry asap as National Ice Cream Day is almost here!

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Happy Almost National Ice Cream Day folks!