Fun for the WHOLE Family! Make a Book with Your Family!

Make a Book with Your Family!

Hey all! How many of you love to play games with your kids by making up stories of distant lands or by making up rhymes or imaginary words and characters?

Well then, Why not turn those precious moments into a video book to save a cherish your memories and then also put them on so you can share them with family and friends!

My friends over at the blog June Cleaver Nirvana created this adorable video bellow with her family for the book they wrote together. I don’t know why I never thought to do this? I’m going to start doing this ASAP. I have a teen so we barely have any time left to play imaginary games and be goofy and child like. But I do get those moments every now and then and I should document them this way. Any way, I digress…

Please watch their video bellow so you can get an idea of what I mean when I say “Make your own book” for your family games and stories.

Since I went to college for film and TV I do know a few tricks to do while making films. I would have added some basic in camera special effects (like fog or the vanishing affect), added costumes, maybe built some sets, and possibly added some music while I was editing it to put it up on YouTube. I like to go a little over board some times even with my home movies, but that’s the film maker in me.

I actually just found out the famous director Robert Rodriguez has been doing this with his children since they were born. When he or his children come up with a movie idea, he makes a movie with his family using his kids to act it out. He has used his kids ideas to make movies like “Shark Boy and Lava Girl,” Only he doesn’t post them to YouTube, he actually puts them in the DVD extras sometimes for his films. That’s such an amazing way to show how much you cherish and love your family.

Check out the June Cleaver Nirvana blog for more fun family activity ideas by clicking here: June Cleaver Nirvana

I think this is a fun activity for the entire family with kids of all ages including teens!

Thanks to June Cleaver Nirvana for this fabulous idea.

I hope you all enjoyed it and thank you for following my blog!

Let’s all have fun making our imaginations come to life with these fun digital books!