Fun Holiday Gift Ideas For Newlyweds!


Hey All!

If you’re like me and have some besties who are getting married this year, you’ll need to get them some fun gifts for the holidays. Those gifts usually entail something fun for their new home. I love this time of year as it’s always so much fun to find fun and creative gifts to give for every occasion. I always have a ton of fun putting together these guides together every year. This year I’m consolidating down my guides and I’m kicking it off today with gifts for your newlywed besties.  Can you believe Christmas is in a few weeks!? Here are my pics for great gift ideas for those special newlyweds.

No. 1- This OMG Vase Set from Oh Joy For Target would look perfect in any new home and I’m sure you’re bestie will say OMG when he or she gets it as as a gift!

No. 2- Every newlywed needs new flatware for their new home, why not make it RAINBOW FLATWARE!

No. 3- They’ll need to get their bake on in their new home, so giving is this adorable MINI Cupcake Maker Kit from Holstein Housewares will come in handy! It comes with it’s own carrying bag, so your bestie can easily store it or take it with them wherever they go!

No. 4- I’m sure your newlywed bestie is going to have many house warming movie night parties, why not get them their own amazing Celebration Popcorn Maker from Holstein Housewares! Its super fun and easy to use. You can check it out in action at our Halloween party! It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

No. 5- Everyone needs something flamingo in their new home, so why not a few flamingo can sleeves from Big Mouth Inc. to keep their drinks cold.

No. 6- You can’t go wrong with a cute little heart dish for their Jewelry from Ban.Do.

No. 7- Who wouldn’t want some disco trees to decorate their new home for the holidays?! I know I do!

No. 8- Your bestie will definitely need a new door mat for their new home, so why not make it a FUN one like THIS ONE! And even if you’re bestie is no longer single, I’m sure she’ll still be sure to let in Ryan Gosling! lol.

Those are my pics for our first guide of the season!

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