Fun Times At Marvel’s Ant-Man Movie Premiere!


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Last week I had the amazing opportunity to attend the world premiere for Marvel’s Ant-Man. It’s always a fun and unique experience to get to attend a Hollywood movie premiere. I had been waiting to see this film for some time and I was thrilled the day had finally come. It was a bit of a full circle moment for me as I have been looking forward to this film since it was announced years ago. This film took about 9 years to get made and I can’t believe July 17th is almost here for the entire world to finally see it. You are all going to love it! After having gone to the set of Ant-Man last year to see it being made,  I couldn’t wait to finally see what made it into the final film at the premiere.

I was dressed in a fabulous jumper that fit the warm summer weather.


I of course found my buddy Ant-Man at the premiere. In case you didn’t know Ant-Man is one of the original Avengers and it’s great he’s finally getting his day to be introduced to a whole new generation.


The Marvel red carpets are always filled with tons of amazing celebs. You never know who you may run into when you’re walking the red carpet.


I loved that they had the Ant-Man suit on display on the red carpet. It reminded me of that time I put on the Ant-Man helmet when I visited the set of the film! Yes that happened folks!


I was of course escorted by the hubby who acts as my own little paparazzi on the red carpet.


We spotted the legendary Stan Lee on the carpet…


Photo by Marvel

Corey Stoll was awesome and stopped to give fans autographs.


Photo Thanks To Marvel

The adorable Abby Ryder Fortson has grown so much since I interviewed her last year. She’s still so darn cute!


Photo Thanks To Marvel

I also ran into sir Agent M himself Ryan Penagos (Executive Editorial Director Marvel Digital Media)…


And Derek Theler from the ABC Family show Baby Daddy. He is the tallest man alive and quite gorgeous too! He remembered when I visited the set of the show some time ago.


The premiere even included an Ant-Man gigantic ant farm.


Photo Thanks To Marvel

Those are ants in there folks!


Once we were done on the red carpet we headed into the theater to find our seats.


The premiere took place in the incredible Dolby Theatre aka where “The Oscars” take place.


We were sitting only a few feet away from Joss Whedon and James Gunn. I seriously could have died from geeking out.


Photo Thanks To Marvel

The cast was introduced before the film started. You can see the video of this below:



They couldn’t have been happier to share their hard work on this film.


Photo Thanks To Marvel

I can’t tell you how excited I was to be looking up at Michael Douglas. It’s not every day you’re a few feet from Hollywood royalty!


Photo Thanks To Marvel

It was also great to see Michael Peña representing Latinos in the film. He’s amazing in it!


Thanks so much to Disney and Marvel for the spectacular experience and opportunity to attend this amazing premiere. Another once in a lifetime experience crossed off the list.

Stay tuned for my thoughts on the film.

ANT-MAN opens in theaters everywhere on July 17th!

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