Fun Times At The Museum of Ice Cream!

Hey All!

Yesterday, I had an amazing time of going to my favorite place on earth The Museum of Ice Cream. If you haven’t heard about it, it’s an interactive pop-up museum that is ice cream heaven on earth. As you all know I’m the ice cream queen and I cried tears of joy when I found out the museum was coming to Los Angeles this year. I went last year in NYC and I practically flew there just to go! That’s how much I love this place! I would have been there opening day, but I had to go out of town for one of my brand ambassadorships. I could not wait to get back to go. This year is better than ever and what makes it even better is they give out amazing ice cream and candy treats through out the museum. This years treats include my favorite candy ever, gummy bears! Here is a look at my experience in photos which take you through the museum, in case you can’t make it to LA to visit it yourself. The 4 foot sprinkle pool is essentially my dream come true! Scroll through to the end to check out all the amazing fun you can have at this ice cream paradise!

If you pull out a gold piece of Dove chocolate from this cute cart, you win a prize from the give shop!

This pink door is modeled after our favorite pink door in Palm Springs!

Seth Rogan is on the line!

This is scratch and sniff Banana wall paper and it’s the best!! I want it in my home now!

This is literally mint growing in chocolate and they give you a same flavored treat too!

Rainbow heaven is what I call this room!

You do get gummy bears to eat in this room! LOVE IT!


The museum is now staying open until July 10th and tickets go on sale once again today, for tickets from June 2nd until July 10th!

If you’re in the LA Area, get your tickets now at their website HERE!

You don’t want to miss it! I’m going back in May since I loved it so much! I’m making it a date night with the hubby. Can’t wait to jump in that pool again!