Fun Times Seeing E.T. In Concert At The Hollywood Bowl! #BANDBFamilyFun


Hey All!

This past weekend we had the magical experience of seeing E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial in concert at the Hollywood Bowl. Thanks to the Hollywood Bowl for having us! I took my family to the extraordinary world-premiere event that took place on a perfect Sunday night under the stars. It was something I was looking forward to all week, as I love E.T.! The fact that we got to see it with the music being played live by an orchestra seemed like the perfect way to spend my Sunday in Los Angeles. My family was pretty excited as well, because we love the Hollywood Bowl!

We couldn’t wait for the show to start!


We got there almost two hours ahead of time and it was still light out.


We wanted to eat some dinner before the screening, so we brought some fried chicken, potato wedges and our favorite sippy cups to drink from.


We had a little picnic at our seats as you can see in the picture below. This is the norm for the Hollywood Bowl, just FYI!


Yes, I was wearing my E.T. necklace and my E.T Tee for the occasion! Why wouldn’t I wear my E.T. gear to see E.T? Duh!


When the sun started to set, the screen became clearer and clearer. We could feel ourselves bouncing in our seats with excitement for it to begin. Our seats were fantastic and right in the middle as well. Sorry my photos aren’t perfect as I took them with my iPhone.


Once the sun set almost completely, the Los Angeles Philharmonic came out and took their places.


John Williams appeared on the screen to introduce the event and the conductor. I LOVE John Williams with a passion! It was so great to hear him speak about his love of E.T.


The orchestra then performed John Williams’ entire Academy Award-winning score live-to-picture while this beloved film is shown in HD on the Bowl’s big screen. It was so much fun to see it this way. They LA Phil performed the score perfectly. It was so interesting to see them in perfect sync to the film.

We had a blast having this fun and unique outdoor adventure at the lovely Hollywood Bowl! It was the perfect family night out.

If they ever do it again and you’re in the Los Angeles area, I highly recommend you check it out.

You can see the whole Hollywood Bowl calendar HERE.

For more info on the Hollywood Bowl visit their website: