Fun Times With Marvel Super Hero Mashers!

Hasbro-Marvel Super Hero Mashers

Hey All!

Have you or your kids ever dreamed of some of your favorite Marvel superheroes combining powers to become a mega-superhero? Well thanks to the fabulous folks at Hasbro, you can make these imagination dreams come to life with their Marvel Super Hero Mashers toys! We were lucky to be sent an Iron Man figure and a special edition 22 piece Ultimate Avengers set to mash up; Thanks to the lovely folks at Hasbro! We also got this fun card board stand that looks like a little comic cover to pose our creations behind.

Marvel Super Hero Mashers-1

We couldn’t wait to open these bad boys up and let the kids imaginations run wild!

Hasbro-Marvel Super Hero Mashers-2

How cool is it to be able to make a combo of Spider-Man, Iron Man and the Hulk? Too cool right? This Iron Man figure looks just like the high-tech superhero, armor and all.  All his parts are removable so you can swap parts from other Super Hero Mashers figures! You can create the ultimate armored crime-fighter and customize your superhero adventures with your Iron Man figure!

Hasbro-Marvel Super Hero Mashers-Iron-Man

With 22 pieces you can build the ultimate Avengers mash-ups with this special edition Ultimate Avengers Set! With the heads, weapons, and other parts in this set, you can put an Iron Man head on a Captain America body and give him a Hulk arm! Then you can arm him with a Thor hammer or other weapons! Swap parts from other Super Hero Mashers figures (sold separately) to create even more heroic mash-ups. The options are endless! Your kids will have never ending amounts of fun creating their own custom figures!

Hasbro-Marvel Super Hero Mashers-3

We first built this Thor, Captain America, and Hulk mash up figure, which essentially had all of the kidlets favorite Marvel heroes in one.

Hasbro-Marvel Super Hero Mashers-4

Look how cool that Thor face looks! Too cool for school right?

Hasbro-Marvel Super Hero Mashers-5

The kidlets then started their own Civil War by making this Iron Man and Captain America figure! There was a hint of Hawkeye there, but it’s mainly Cap and Iron Man.

Hasbro-Marvel Super Hero Mashers-6

These are so unique and so much fun for kids to play with. They are surely going to be on all the hot holiday toy lists this year. They truly allow your kids to use their imaginations to create their own superhero adventures.

The individual figures cost about $9.99 and the set costs $19.99. They are for ages 4 and up.

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