Gabriella’s Cookie Chip Company For The Holidays! #HolidayGG13

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Hey All!

Are you looking for that perfect tasty gift for the holidays? Well look no further than Gabriella’s Cookie Chip Company. They offer gourmet bite size cookies for your holiday gifts and festivities.  The cookies come packaged in a gift tin wrapped for whatever occasion you wish.  You or who ever gets these delicious cookies will just love them-they are “deliciously addictive”.

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You can get a mix of chocolate chip, Whole Wheat Dark Chocolate, M&M cookies, Walnut Chocolate Chip, Peanuts and Caramel, and Toffee Crunch cookies in your tin.

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The cookies were created after the owners daughter noticed that her Mom, Aunt, and Grandma would break off little pieces of the cookies they baked and eat them one tiny bit at a time. One day she asked her mom about it and said, “Why do you only eat a little piece of the cookie and keep going back for more until it’s gone?”, “Why don’t you just make little cookies that you can eat all at once?” That’s how these cookies were born!

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Because the cookies are so crisp and flat, they started calling them cookie chips. And since it was her daughters idea, the owner decided to name her company Gabriella’s Cookie Chip Company. I think that’s such a sweet story to match these sweet cookies.

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You can make a 1/2 pound, Pound, 2 Pound and 4 Pound tin of these delicious cookie chips. The prices range from $16.99-74.99 for each tin depending on the size you get.

The are the perfect tasty treat for the holidays. I highly recommend them!