Geektastic Marvel & DC Comics Pet Collection At PetSmart!

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Hey All!

With Comic Con 2013 around the corner and amazing movies like The Avengers, Thor, Superman and Iron Man 3 being huge hits on the big screen we needed to have our dogs geeked out along with us. Thank goodness we had PetSmart to come to our rescue!

PetSmart’s new and exclusive Marvel and DC Comics pet collection provides the perfect way to give your pet some heroic flair this summer. From tees to plush toys, the collection features bold, heroic emblems and classic character favorites like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Iron Man. We love it all! PetSmart was kind enough to send us some amazing Superhero goodies. We’re big Comic book nerds, so we were thrilled when these arrived.


As you can see Mr. Pink is my little super model. Chico our bigger dog doesn’t really know how to stay still to take pictures. He’s still a baby. Mr. Pink is all for modeling for his mama. There is also nothing that Mr. Pink loves more than new toys.

Mr. Pink is modeling a logo graphic Marvel’s superhero Top Paw Hulk Tee above. Add heroic flair to the pup that is truly worthy of the Earth’s mightiest Marvel fans! It has a great picture of the Hulk on back of tee that truly pops. It comes in sizes X-Small, Small, Medium, Large and X-Large. We love it and so does Mr.Pink! We also love the “I’m an Avenger” tee above. It’s amazing and I wish I could take Mr. Pink with us to Comic Con so he could show it off.


Next up he modeled Marvel’s superhero Top Paw Ironman Head Tee and Top Paw Ironman Bandana. Add heroic flair to the pup that is truly worthy of the Earth’s mightiest Marvel fans! Exclusively at PetSmart. I love the Gold Foiled Ironman face on the back. This too comes in sizes X-Small, Small, Medium, Large and X-Large. The Top Paw Ironman Bandana easily slips over the collar and it comes only in sizes Small and Large.

We’re much more Marvel than DC Comic enthusiasts, but we do love Superman and Supergirl. Who doesn’t love Superman? These Top Paw DC and Marvel Plush Ball Body Characters. The assortment includes Batman, Superman, Ironman, Spiderman, Captain America and Supergirl. Each has big beady eyes or robotic eyes, in the case of Ironman with a plush feel and squeaky bodies to keep your furry friend entertained. They too are a PetSmart exclusive and are incredibly adorable as you can see.


They also have cute Top Paw Marvel/DC Comic Plush Bones that squeak as well. Mr. Pink loves plush squeaky toys. As you can see below he’s practically smiling at the site of the new toys.


The plush exterior with squeaker housed inside, offers Fido a multitude of play options. They too are a PetSmart exclusive.


The bones come in Small and Medium. All of these toys are a little too small for Chico. He’d probably swallow one. They are however the perfect size for Mr. Pink and he can’t get enough of them.


It’s great to know that we now have a way to showcase some geek pride with our dogs.

We love this new line at PetSmart.

If you love Marvel or DC comics and Superheroes then you definitely need to head to or your local PetSmart to pick up some of these amazing toys and clothing.