Getting Crafty With My Toyota Sienna! #SiennaDiaries


Hey All!

So our wedding was around the corner and we needed to make some back drop decor for our reception. There was no way we could possibly fit what we needed to get to make the back drops in our regular car, so we were thankful to have the extremely spacious Toyota Sienna on hand to help us.

We headed to the home improvement store because we needed to get some PVC Pipe to make our reception backdrops.

IMG_1084 (1)

As you can see the Sienna was able to hold all the 10 foot poles like a boss. It’s so incredibly spacious on the inside. We didn’t have to worry one bit about whether or not it was going to fit.


We were able to effortlessly get what we needed at the store and get it home  with out any issues. The pipes also stayed put in the car as we drove.


You can see how large the poles are in the picture above. Once we got the pipes home, we go to making this gold backdrop seen in the picture below.


We also made that rainbow back drop that you see below to put behind our wedding cake. How cute are those colors?

picture-234 (1)

The Toyota Sienna made it super easy to trek around to get everything we needed to make the decor for our wedding. It’s so spacious that you can fit not only the supplies you need, but it also fits everyone your transporting in the vehicle effortlessly. I’ve never had a car that was so spacious inside. It’s the perfect family car and it’s also the perfect cart to carry over sized items.

If you’re a crafter like I am (who takes on big projects) this is the car for you!

We love riding around in our Toyota Sienna. Stay tuned for more of our Sienna Diaries!

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