Getting Ready For Cough & Cold Season! #WalgreensLatino

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Hey All!

Just an FYI, I’m writing this post in both English and Spanish today.

Es esa época del año otra vez. El momento en que el estornudo, dolor de garganta, la tos comienza. No es algo que espero con interés, pero que trabajan en tiempo parcial menor, mi prometido “trabajar en un hospital, y los niños son en la escuela, es sólo una cuestión de tiempo antes de que alguien llegue a casa enfermo. Yo también no está mirando adelante a estos síntomas molestos cuando estamos sufriendo por el frío. Sé que siempre estoy buscando para aprender nuevas maneras de aprender cómo aliviar estos síntomas.

Aquí están algunos de mis consejos y respuestas a las preguntas que pueden ayudar a prepararse para la tos y estación fría. For my English readers: Here are a few of my tips and answers to questions that may help you get ready for Cough & Cold Season.

Can I avoid catching a cold?

The Answer is YES!

Here are a few tips to help prevent colds:

* Frequently disinfect surfaces in your home and office–especially items people touch, like phones and doorknobs.

* Wash your hands often.

* Keep your fingers away from your eyes and nose to help prevent the spread of germs.

* Avoid close contact with people who have a cold, especially during the first few days when symptoms appear and people are more likely to spread their germs.

If I have a cold, what can I do to feel better?

Rest, over-the-counter medicines and other self-care methods may help you or your child feel better. For more information about symptomatic relief, talk to your healthcare provider or pharmacist. Remember, always use over-the-counter products as directed.

También recomiendo masajes vapor, vapores, y tés calientes para ayudar a calmar a un fuerte resfriado. Vapor Rub era la cura para todo, según mi abuela.

What causes a runny nose during cold?

The answer is:

When cold-causing germs first infect the nose and sinuses, the nose responds and develops clear mucus. Consider a decongestant or saline nasal spray to help relieve nasal symptoms. This helps wash the germs from the nose and sinuses.

How can I prepare for Cough & Cold Season?

Simple, Stock up on the products you know work for you and your family during Cough & Cold.

Me gusta visitar a mis Walgreens locales para abastecerse de los productos favoritos de socorro frío. Le recomiendo que echa un vistazo a Walgreens ya que suelen tener todos los productos que necesito para llegar nosotros a través de los estornudos y los resfriados.


I love my local Walgreens. It’s such an amazing store and it’s pretty big.


I stock up on their Ology Tree Free Tissues. They are amazing. Tissues are one thing that we use a ton of when anyone has a cold.


Stay hydrated! Drink a lot of water, tea, and make sure to make some amazing soup to help break down a cold.

And last but not least…

It was mentioned above but I’ll say it again, Carry Hand Sanitizer or Sanitizing Wipes every where you go! I make sure my family carries these every where they go. Keeping your hands clean can truly cut back the amount of times you can will get sick.

I hope these tips and this info helps you stay healthy and help you prepare for Cough & Cold Season.

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Also check out this Cough, Cold & Wellness board on Pinterest for more tips.



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