Getting the Sleep You Need While traveling!

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Cook islands Resort pic 1

Hey All!

I recently traveled to the Cook Islands for an island vacation and it was amazing. I love to travel during the summer, but the one thing I don’t look forward to while on vacation is sleeping in hotel rooms. I occasionally cannot get a good night’s rest when I’m away on vacation. I just can’t seem to get comfortable in those hotel beds and without sleep it leaves me exhausted for the next day. And I refused to let that happen on our trip to the Cook Islands, so I decided to take some ZzzQuil with me. In case you didn’t know, ZzzQuil is a non-habit forming sleep-aid that’s not for pain, just for sleep.

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I packed my ZzzQuil in my carry on bag to the Cook Islands. I knew it would help me sleep on those nights when I cannot get the sleep I need, whether it’s from jetlag, a hectic day or just nights away from my own bed. During those occasional times, I took ZzzQuil to help me get the sleep I need to wake up refreshed.


It was almost a 10 hour flight to get to our island vacation, so I actually took some on the plane too. I always try to get sleep on long-haul flights. I wear an eye-mask, listen to soothing music, and even drink tea. Sometimes, I just can’t fall asleep. That’s when my packing essential, ZzzQuil comes into play. It helps me fall asleep, so I can wake up refreshed when the plane lands and get right into enjoying my vacation!

Cook islands Resort pic 2

For me, getting enough sleep is essential each and every day when I’m on vacation. I want to rest easy I’ll wake up refreshed and ready to explore beautiful islands and beaches like you see above.

Cook islands Resort pic 3

I’ll also be ready to frolic on the beach and go snorkeling. I can have the best time on vacation doing everything I want to do.

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I’m all about relaxing and enjoying myself when I’m on vacation and getting a good nights sleep is part of that relaxation I need to enjoy myself. Thanks to ZzzQuil, I can get completely relaxed and enjoy my vacations with ease.

Cook islands Resort pic 5

I can’t wait to see where the summer takes me next. I hope it’s to New Zealand and more beaches please!

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