Give A Hey Girl Ryan Gosling Donut Gram This Valentine’s Day! (Free Printable)


Hey All!

So Valentine’s Day is almost here and I thankfully have my hubby to celebrate with. I still have many girl friends who haven’t found that special someone and before there was the hubby we would all be each others Valentines. You all know what I mean right ladies? Well this year I decided to surprise a friend of mine who is single with a crazy Valentine since she LOVES Ryan Gosling. Who am I kidding? I love him too. I still give my single friends Valentine’s Day gifts as I firmly believe everyone needs to get a Valentine.

Since I think it’s so crazy and awesome what I pulled together I just had to share it with you so you can make it as well if you need to.

 To Make A Ryan Gosling “HEY GIRL” Mega Donut Gram You’ll Need The Following:


And last but not least, You need this printable “Hey Girl” Heart to print out and stick on to your box. You can either print it out on sticker paper or regular card stock and stick it on with tap or glue.



Once you got everything you need you can begin by wrapping your box. How amazing is this Ryan Gosling wrapping paper? I’m obsessed with it!


Once your box is all wrapped up you then…


Cut out your “Hey Girl! Heart that you printed out and you stick it to the box with either tape or glue.


You then move on to making your Ryan Gosling image for your donut. I used some wax paper over an image of Ryan Gosling that I got from the Colour Me Good Ryan Gosling coloring book. I love that book so darn much!


I’m not an incredible artist or anything or professional pastry chef, so I did my best to try and trace and outline a drawing of Ryan Gosling with my black icing. Once I was done tracing I put the icing drawing of Ryan in my freezer so it can harden up. I then took it out after about 30-45 minutes and cut the wax paper along the edges of the face. I then placed the face on the donut.


I then took my black icing and drew the word “Hey Girl” on the donut.


Boom you got yourself a mega heart Ryan Gosling “Hey Girl” donut. I put the donut in my box for my special Ryan Gosling obsessed girl friend.


I’m sure she’s going to love it. She’ll probably lick the Ryan Gosling black icing off the wax paper. Ok TMI I know! Sorry!


You carefully put the lid on your Ryan Gosling Donut Gram and it’s ready to go!


If you don’t want to go through the trouble of tracing a Ryan Gosling image you can also just get some Donut Words made at California Donuts that say “Hey Girl” and pop it in the box.


Either way works and I’m sure my friend will love either one.


You can pair your Ryan Gosling Donut Gram with a HEY GIRL RYAN GOSLING CARD with a special message written inside and Ryan Gosling: Paperboy paper doll as who are we kidding, that’s the closest that anyone will probably get to having Ryan Gosling.

This all obviously has to be hand delivered or the icing face will get messed up. I don’t recommend shipping unless you make a cookie and it’s completely hard and dry for shipping.

This would make a great gift for anyone looking for a funny gift to give their significant other especially if they love Ryan Gosling!

I hope you enjoyed this fun DIY Valentine’s Day idea.

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