My Go To Cotton Summer Outfit!

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Cooler in Cotton Main

Hey All!

During these warm summer months, I’ll do anything to keep cool. I hate feeling hot and uncomfortable in my clothing. One of the things I always make sure to do during the summer is, I wear lots of cotton clothing. Cotton helps keeps you cool in the summer because it is breathable, doesn’t retain odor, and is light weight. It’s my go-to material for my summer clothing. It’s luckily already in the almost all the clothing pieces that I own and love. In case you didn’t know, Cotton is fashionable and trendy! You will definitely be #CoolerinCotton in more ways than one if you dress in cotton clothing during the summer.

See this shirt in the picture below? This is my new favorite summer shirt, just to give you an example of how cute and trendy cotton can be.

Cooler in Cotton 7

Yes, this shirt is 100% cotton, believe it or not! You can see it on the label below. Cotton is really a fabric that goes beyond t-shirts and jeans. You can find lots of amazing shirts, dresses, and jean shorts in cotton. Denim is cotton, in case you didn’t know!

Cooler in Cotton 6

When looking for cotton, blends are okay! Look for cotton-rich fabrics (60% cotton or higher for all apparel, 90% or higher for denim) to ensure the benefits of cotton really come through. I love to wear this fun striped patch shirt with these pink denim overalls you see below.

Cooler in Cotton 5

They too are 100% cotton! I honestly didn’t realize how much of my clothing was 100% cotton until I started looking at the labels.

Cooler in Cotton 4

I finish my go to pink summer outfit with some pink sneakers

Cooler in Cotton Pink Sneakers

And my favorite bag of the summer, this rainbow bag.

Rainbow Cooler in Cotton Purse

It’s the perfect mainly cotton summer outfit. Cotton lets me feel comfortable without forgoing my style. Cotton breathes, so it will keep me cool throughout the day.

Cooler in Cotton 2

Cotton is the most breathable, scent repellent and durable washing fabric there is. Can you tell I feel good in this outfit? It’s about 90 degrees outside in this picture and I felt fine! No discomfort on those warm sunny days for me!

Cooler in Cotton 1

Check your clothing labels to see if you have lots of cotton in your own closet. You just may find your own favorite summer outfit.

Check out this #CoolerInCotton video below:



The video showcases how easily cotton eliminates all of those awkward feelings and situations of being uncomfortable in your clothing, which allows you to be more carefree and focus on the things you truly enjoy about the summertime.

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