Good Cook Sweet Creations Halloween Gingerbread House!

I solely received these products for review. All opinions are my own.

Hey All!

I recently had the opportunity to try the Sweet Creations by Good Cook Haunted House Cookie Cutter Set. I decided to try it out before Halloween so I can see how our Halloween Celebration table will look before the big day. I decided to make it in addition to my cupcakes and cake pops that you previously read about. This was my first time ever making a gingerbread house as I usually just buy the ready made or make it out of a different cookie flavor. My family and I don’t particularly like gingerbread so I knew it was going to be a big challenge. I had seen how difficult it was to make and I was hoping I would have had an easier time making it, but sadly I didn’t. The cookie cutter set itself is fabulous and it comes with a front and back of house cutter, side of house cutter, and a rolling stamp to add brinks to the house.

goodcook-gingerbread-house- cookie cutter

The cookie cutter set actually comes with it’s own gingerbread cookie recipe, which I decided to use. Making the actual cookies doesn’t take long and it’s quite fun to make. I didn’t follow the recipe exactly as I wanted to cut down the amount of calories of the house and I didn’t want it to make a huge amount of dough. I also didn’t want to wait hours to get my house made. It recommends you wait and chill the dough after you make it, but I didn’t do that and rolled and cut my pieced right after mixing. I did let it cool and then proceeded to make Royal icing. I used the icing as a glue to get it assembled and looking great! It was fine for about 4 minutes when the roof caved in and the walls buckled in on my house. It was pretty upsetting since I spent so much time on it.


I could have called it quits, but I decided to pick up my pieces ( the ones I could salvage that is) and decided to make a ginger bread house bowl. Who needs a roof on their gingerbread house anyway!

I pieced some of the pieces together to try and make it a house shape as best as I could. I used even more icing and tooth picks to keep it in place. I even placed cans on the inside so that the house would stay upright and have something to lean on. Making a gingerbread house is truly an art that needs to be mastered. I figured now that I have these cookie cutters I can practice over and over again until I get it right!

Once my no roof gingerbread house was assembled, I let it dry overnight and decorated it the following morning.


I crushed some oreos to make spooky dirt around the house.  I also used some sugar figures like the skulls and sugar pumpkins to decorate. I also used large sprinkles to line the roof and some round sixlets candies to decorate the edges. Make sure to make enough Royal Icing in the colors you need to decorate. I chose to line my house with green and black icing.


I let the house dry and harden for one more night before I filled it with homemade cheesy and caramel popcorn.

If you’re interested in making your own Halloween Gingerbread house check out the Haunted House Cookie Cutter set. You can save 25% off all Sweet Creations Halloween products with coupon code: HAUNTED23. Also for the latest info on Good Cook follow @GoodCookcom on Twitter.

I’m really happy I tested this before Halloween so now I can know how to make my house for Halloween!

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