Google Friend Connect is Saying Bye But Hope You Aren’t! #FOLLOW #SUBSCRIBE

Hi All!

I just wanted to say that as of TODAY March 1st, it was announced on the Google blog that Google Friend Connect (GFC) will be discontinued by Google for all non-Google aka none blogger blogs and you won’t be able to follow along anymore via GFC since I’m a blog powered by WordPress. For those of you who aren’t bloggers or familiar with Google friend connect, it’s that box some of you follow me on often as an entry into my giveaways.  It was found on the right side of blog side bar and looked like the picture below. I’m in the process of taking it down since google will no longer allow it to work for my site.
I’m not really sure how exactly this will affect my blog or you, but I wanted to do a quick post to make sure I don’t lose any of my amazing followers in this switch since I heart you all and would love you to continue to follow me.

If you look in my right sidebar you will find all the ways to subscribe to me by RSS, EMAIL, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, PINTEREST, INSTAGRAM, YOUTUBE, STUMBLEUPON, AND GOOGLE PLUS!

You can find these buttons with the crowns under where it says KEEP IN TOUCH in my right side bar. When you scroll your mouse pointer over these. They will pop out like so..

If you look at the Instagram button you can see it’s popped out and the color is darker than the other buttons and it’s gotten bigger. I pops out at you and that’s how you know which item you’re selecting. You can select my Twitter pagemy RSS feed, my Pinterest, my Instagram, My Youtube, and my Stumbleupon.

In my right Sidebar you will also find my Facebook Page Like Button that looks like this.

And you can find my Google Plus Page and Google Plus Profile buttons to follow me on Google Plus which look like this.

So don’t miss out on any of the fun or anything going on here on this blog because you got lost because of Google. Make sure you are following any way you can. Make sure you follow via RSS feed. When you click this button in my right side bar that says RSS…

It will take you to this screen…

See where it says “Subscribe Now” and choose how you want to subscribe with your preferred reader. I use Google Reader, but choose whatever you would like. Or if you don’t like RSS please FOLLOW VIA EMAIL. Just enter your email in the right sidebar in the box that looks like this…

And you should get and pop up box that looks like this. Enter the verification code and complete the subscription.

You’ll then get an EMAIL in your inbox at the email address you used to subscribe asking you to confirm your subscription. Once you open that email and click that link to confirm your subscription you are subscribed!!!

So I just wanted to give you a short, well not so short summary of all the ways you can subscribe and follow my blog so you don’t get lost if you follow by GFC. Please continue to Follow how ever you can so you don’t get lost in the change and miss out! And I’ll miss you too if you go!

So Again here are all the possible ways you can follow…

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Follow My Google Plus Page HERE

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Or you can even click the Contact Me button in the right side bar that looks like this and email me.

Keep up with all the fun on my blog like GIVEAWAYS, DEALS, SWAG, food, crafts, Movies, Geeky coverage, amazing products, family, kids, and reviews.  There are a lot of exciting things happening this year and I’d love to keep sharing them with you!

Thanks again for following everyone and we’ve had a good run Google Friend Connect. Sad to see you go.