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Hey All!

As you have read in my previous posts I am always trying to be more eco-friendly and healthy.

I love this earth we have and I’d like to keep it, myself, and my family chemical free! I got the opportunity to try using a natural deodorant like Crystal deodorant! If you have never heard of this brand before you are missing out on a fabulous natural product. Crystal is the world’s original and #1 mineral salt deodorant brand.  It’s natural and what’s even better about Crystal is that one stick of deodorant lasts you up to a full year of daily use!

How well do Crystal® deodorants work you ask?

They work great! They are just as good as your every day chemical filled deodorants you can buy at your local Walmart! Except they are so much better for you because they are a natural product! When body odor happens, Crystal eliminates the odor before it forms and starts to reek havoc onto the unsuspecting people who are near you!

I work in a profession where I lift heavy boxes in sometimes 101 degree weather and I sweat A LOT! It’s not work any woman should be doing, but I have to make a living for my family some how. I digress…

I really depend on having a deodorant that can combat the odor that builds up from being sweaty all day long. I now trust and depend on Crystal mineral salt deodorant to do the job. They were established in 1984 so they have been around for a long time and know what they are doing. They are a brand you can trust who has the track record and history to prove it.

Crystal is a natural deodorant that actually works! They use simple ingredients and make simple promise to their customers who use their deodorants: Crystal deodorant will provide all day natural odor prevention! I love the their Crystal Roll-On and they come in a variety of scents. Scents like Pomegranate, Lavender with White Tea and Chamomile, Green Tea, and Scent Free if you don’t like your deodorant to be scented.

I have very sensitive skin so a natural deodorant is great for me! I also really like that Mineral salts work as a buffer between your skin and odor causing bacteria. It goes on lightly and dries completely in seconds and is completely invisible. It love that feels as if you are not wearing deodorant, because that means it won’t leave that nasty white residue or stain on your clothes!

Crystal Body Deodorant also last for a very long time. You end up also saving money and time searching for a great deodorant. You know I love to save! Crystal deodorants do NOT need to be reapplied during the day.  A single application under each arm lasts the entire day. They can endure even the toughest jobs like mine or the longest workouts you want. They are endorsed by Cancer Treatment Centers. They are rated safest in the Skin Deep database / Environmental Working ( and they are a Compact Signer of the Campaign for Safer Cosmetics. And of course their products are 100% Never tested on animals! I WOULD NEVER USE A PRODUCT THAT TESTS ON ANIMALS!

For more info on Crystal® Check out their website.

I highly recommend you try Crystal® deodorant!  Crystal works wonders for me at work and during these hot summer months and it can do wonders for you too!

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