Great Gift! PBS Kids-Sid The Science Kid Kit! Holiday Gift Guide Feature!

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How many of you have children that love PBS Kids? I know my teen loved PBS as a kid, and I did too when I was a kid. Now a days, One of the most popular morning shows for preschoolers and younger kids is Sid the Science Kid.  This show will leave your child learning and loving science!

And if your kids are loving science and Sid the Science kid…why not get them toy for Christmas that combines them all. The “Sid the Science Kid Learning Kit Why Are Wheels Round?” would make a perfect gift for all your little Sid fans this Christmas! 

This amazing learning kit is made by Patch Products. This fantastic toy company makes several different types of science toys as well as puzzles for kids, kids coloring books, and many other educational items.

With the Why Are Wheels Round? Learning Science Kit, kids can observe how the shape of wheels affects car movement and what happens if they race a car on different surfaces or at different angles!
It’s a great learning gift for kids Aged 3 & Up. It will keep them learning, entertained, an occupied with Sid the Science kid for hours.

The kit Includes the following:
A Wood Car Body, 2 Pegs to Hold Rubberband, Head of Car Driver, 4 Sets of Wheels, 2 Axles, 3 Rubberbands, and a 24-page Journal.

It includes everything your child needs to perform their own amazing science experiments at home! So why not fill this Holiday Season with fun educational toys.  I highly recommend  “Sid the Science Kid Learning Kit Why Are Wheels Round?” as a great learning gift for any small kid.

You can also learn more about Sid the Science Kid at

If you’re child doesn’t watch this show, I highly recommend that start. They will learn so much and have fun watching. I highly recommend it.

Hope this gift suggestion helps you in your Holiday Shopping this year.

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***Disclosure: I received a “Sid the Science Kid Learning Kit, Why Are Wheels Round? kit for this feature review. I was not compensated in any way for this post and All opinions are my own.***