Great Gifts for Him! Or for Anyone! Dirty Deeds Soaps! Happy Holidays Gift Guide Feature!

Hey all!

So I was looking for a unique gift to get my non-hubby as I like to call him for his Birthday and Christmas. When you’re with someone for years it gets harder and harder to keep the gifts that you give unique for the Holidays. I was having some difficulty finding somethings amazing for him, so I took to my two best friends the internet and to search for something that would catch his eye. I was lucky to find the shop called Dirty Deeds Soaps! They had the most amazing vintage like shaving kit that I loved.

I thought he is always complaining about his shaving cream or shaver or something as he’s getting ready for work, and all he uses is old spice, so why not get him a kit that will be good for his skin as he shaves.

This amazing shaving kit came with your choice of a brownish beige cup, blue cup, or green cup. By the time I discovered the shop they only had the green and blue in stock, I was happy since I weouyld have gone for the blue regardless. They also amazingly enough had a shaving soap called Old Spice! I was lucky enough to get the last one that they had in the old spice soap, which I was so thankful they held for me until I got paid and was able to pay for it all! All my non-hubby uses is Old Spice. He hates colognes and anything else. He’s like an Old Spice Addict! I took this as a sign that this was the gift for him since they had a soap actually named after his beloved Old Spice and smelled like it too! The owners are really the nicest people ever. They were so kind and helpful in helping me pick out the right soaps for my non-hubby.

The helped me pick out the Old Spice soap and Beer Soap in Bay rum, since I thought it would be fun for him to shave with a soap that has his favorite in it, BEER! They shipped it to me USPS priority mail with delivery confirmation and it was here in a flash.

When I got the shaving kit it was wrapped in the most adorable pink bubble wrap. If you’ve seen my blog prior to the Holiday theme it has now, you’d know I love the pink.

Even the little bristle shaving brush was wrapped secure. They really put a lot of effort in order to get me this shaving kit in perfect condition which I really appreciated. It really showed they cared!

The blue cup for the shaving soap was even a prettier blue than I expected.

The little bristle brush to make the shaving cream lather was is so cute and perfect for that old time shave!

The shaving soaps came adorably packaged as well and they are round and fit perfectly inside the cup! You can also order refills of the soap when you run out!

They were also kind enough to send me some samples of their soaps for me to try as well! They sent me the Vanilla Rose Soap and the Lazy Lavender Soap and I have to say these soaps smelled so amazing and the scent was so vibrant that it filled up my entire living room as soon as I opened the wrappers they were wrapped in. I loved the smells so much I cut a little piece of each soap and left them in spots around my living room to act as little natural airfreshners.

I tried each soap and the both left my skin smelling and feeling great! Natural Hand Made Soaps are the way to go!

This shaving kit is currently out of stock at their shop, but it will hopefully be in stock again soon so you too can snag one for the Holidays.

This shop has a variety of soaps to choose from.

YOu can shoose from any of the following scents to get your Hand cut in 3-4 ounce bath bars.

Autumn HarvestKona Coffee
Lavender and Oatmeal
Lazy Lavender
Mango Papaya
Oatmeal Milk and Honey
Orange Spice
Vanilla Rose
Vanilla Honey
Warm Apple Pie
West Texas Cotton
Winter Wonderland
Wild Bayberry
Beer Soap (Bay Rum and Lime, Vanilla Sandalwood, Clove)
Blackberry Sage
Butt Naked Goats Milk (unscented)
Cherry Almond
Cherry Cola (Cherry Patchouli)
Cucumber Melon
Fruit Cake
Green Apple
Green Clay Mint
Hazelnut cappucino
Kona Coffee
Irish Thyme

This shop really knows how much better these handmade soaps can be for your skin without all the additives that store bought soaps have, (not to mention how much better smelling.) These soaps and shaving kits make great gifts for everyone this Holiday Season. They also make great gifts for weddings and bridal parties and they have packages in their store for that as well!

I love this family collaborative shop. You can follow them on facebook at this link: for up to date info on all their products. So please check out this shop I promise you won’t regret it and you will find some great gifts for everyone on your Holiday lists. You can visit their shop at this link:!

Hope this helps you along in your Holiday Shopping and Happy Holidays everyone!

**Disclosure: I received two free soaps along with my purchase of the shaving kit from Dirty Deeds Soaps. I was not compensated in any way for this feature. I simply wanted to share this great shop with my readers. All Opinions are my own.**