Great Halloween Programs & Movies! #Halloween #SwaggerificHalloween

Hey All!

One of my favorite things about Halloween are all the spooky shows, movies, and TV specials that come on TV every year. I look forward to it every year!

My family and I love to sit around and watch together. Like for example,  the “13 Days of Halloween” of ABC Family Channel. They have it every year and I love it. They show Spooky movies and shows for the 13 days leading up to Halloween.  Which means there is always something to watch on TV! Yay!

This years 13 Nights event includes Hocus Pocus and Casper!

You can check out your local channel listing and also see a more detailed schedule of all the shows and movies taking place at the following link:

I also tend to like spooky shows in general. I watch a bunch of paranormal investigation shows all year round. For Halloween some of these shows have Live specials or they do marathons of the shows and I love to tune in for those as well.

One show I watch is called Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel.

This show consists of a trio of ghost hunters. The leader and main ghost hunter Zak and his partners Nick, and Aaron. They investigate some of the most notorious and haunted places in the world. They had an episode where a brick just picked itself up and flew through the air and tried to hit them. I was insane, but very memorable.

I’ve been watching Ghost Hunters since it first aired on Syfy Channel!

I love that the lead investigators Jason and Grant are plumbers by day, but at night they take to haunted locations with their ghost-hunting team to collect evidence of paranormal activity. After founding The Atlanta Paranormal Society (TAPS), they resolved to help people understand the paranormal and to investigate any events that may be unexplained, no matter the location. I love the original ‘Ghost Hunters’ series, they also have a number of Spin-offs including ‘Ghost Hunters Academy’ and ‘Ghost Hunters International.

“A Haunting” on Discovery Channel is one of the scariest shows!

This show has the real life people who experienced these haunting and a dramatization of the real-life events, but the way the stories are told are chilling, often involving suicides or murders that left a psychic impression on the location. Several people are interviewed throughout the show, discussing their experiences in the place and the legends and haunted history of the place they are featuring.

And last but not least Most Haunted USA on the Travel Channel!

This show was originally adapted from the British television series of the same name. Europeans tend to love supernatural shows! On this show Paranormal investigators stay overnight at haunted locations to investigate unusual activity. They feature mediums and parapsychologists to sense whether there is a disturbing presence in a particular house or if there is something that needs to be communicated from the other realm. A historian is also there to provide facts about the location in question in case it reveals additional information about the unexplained events. They often do Most Haunted Live on Halloween. I really enjoy this show.

So these are my suggestions for Spooky shows and events to watch for Halloween. PLEASE WATCH SOME OF THESE SHOWS and MOVIES AT YOUR OWN RISK. They are not appropriate for young children and may be too scary for some, so please you have been warned.

I’m sure you will have a good scare with these spooky shows and movies this Halloween. I know me and my family will! We do every year.

Thanks again for following my blog and Happy Halloween everyone!