Great Holiday Gifts and Treats Found At The Disneyland Resort! #DisneyHolidays

I attended a media event for the Holidays for Disneyland Resort. All opinions are my own.



Hey All!

If you’re looking for some amazing Holiday Gifts and delicious treats featuring your favorite Disney characters look no further than the Disneyland Resort. You can find new and amazing holiday offerings through out Disneyland and California Adventure. I had the opportunity to chat with a Disneyland Resort representative to preview all the new products and here is what she had to share in the video below.

Certain products like the ¡Viva Navidad! merchandise is limited addition and may or may not be offered next year so you definitely want to pick them up. Some of the ornaments are limited editions as well. My favorites are the Minnie ear hats and Mickey Ear with attached gloves. I’m happy to say I almost got every product featured in the video as I’m a Disney-a-holic.

There is nothing like the Holiday treats found at Disneyland Park. Each year, the park invents new treats to satisfy any sweet tooth. From the new adorable Snowman Mickey Candy Apples to…


Mickey Cake Pops …


And the new Ornament Candy Apples, each treat is hand crafted to perfection.


These amazing holiday themed treats can be purchased throughout the park until the beginning of January. Theses marshmallow wands are also not to be missed!


My favorite treat offered for the Holidays are the hand made Candy Canes made at Disneyland and California Adventure.


I tried for two years to get one of these delicious Candy Canes and I was finally lucky to get two this year.


To get a Candy Cane you have to show up at the park when it opens on one of the dates seen below. You can go to either of these locations where you will get a wrist band that has a time when you can pick up your batch of Candy Canes.


I can assure you it sounds like a lot of work for a Candy Cane, but these are some of the best Candy Canes you will ever taste. It’s well worth it!

I hope you get a chance to visit the park to enjoy some of these amazing treats and holiday gifts.

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