Great Pets for Adoption at The Shelter Pet Project! #ShelterPets #LBC

Hey All!

As you know I have two beautiful dog babies named Mr. Pink and Chico. Both were adopted from our local rescue organization and shelter. We got Mr. Pink First from a rescue called dogs with out borders. He was picked up in downtown LA. He was taken to the shelter and returned twice, YES Twice by who ever had him. They dumped him the second time after either beating him badly or letting him get hit by a car where his back leg was broken and never healed correctly since no one ever took him to the vet. I can’t imagine what kind of pain the poor thing was in. But now he’s a spoiled baby who runs on 3 legs since he lifts the leg that didn’t heal right when he runs. He’s a perfect fine and healthy dog.

Chico we got at our local shelter since he’s a pitbull, he was 1 years old when we got him and he’s a bigger baby than Mr. Pink. He doesn’t like being along and just wants to give kisses all day long and play with his toy. Pitbulls have such a bad rap and I hate that people are so frightened of him when we walk him. Chico is the sweetest dog, almost like scooby do in my opinion.

There are so many amazing homeless animals out there that can use a good home. The Shelter Pet Project, along with The Humane Society of the United States and Maddie’s Fund hope to lower those numbers by encouraging you to adopt your next pet from a shelter or rescue group.

Yes, some of the cats and dogs in a shelter or rescue group are older, but think about it this way, you won’t have to train them to go potty or walk on the leash.

So if you’re thinking of getting a pet this holiday season, please think carefully about this decision and know that you are taking on a life that needs you and please consider adopting a pet and supporting me and this cause. The Shelter Pet Project offers access to finding your perfect pet, locating a shelter, and helping you learn about pet adoption. They have all the info you need to get you started. Please visit their site so you can find the best furry buddy for your home and family.
We found ours and you can find yours!

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