Great Treats for Nerdy Dogs! Nerdy Dog Dog Treats! Happy Holidays Gift Guide Feature!

Hey All!

Are you looking for some great Nerdy Inspired and of so fabulously Geeky Organic and natural treats to gift your puppy for the Holidays? Well I’m a big nerd at heart and I was so thankful to find this shop since the treats are so fabulous and I have a pet that’s a picky eater so it’s rare when I find treats he loves. It’s called Nerdy Dog! The owner makes all these amazing geeky themed and decorated dog treats by hand and I have to say I love the detail that goes into these treats and my dog Mr. Pink absolutely loves them too! He’d eat them all in a heart beat if he got his paws on all his treats.

Like these amazing Pac Man treats! Your nerdy dog’s belly will be a happy belly with these amazing Pac-Man dog treats. Not only are they tasty and delicious to your dog, but fun for you as well! You can brag to all your friends that your Nerdy Dog has Pac Man dog treats! I used to play Pack Man when I was a kid so these treats are very nostalgic for me as well. You’ll be the most hip dog owner on your block with these treats that’s for sure. Their Ingredients Include: Peanut Butter, Oatmeal, Canola Oil, Honey, Beef Bouillon and the Frosting Has: Natural Yogurt Powder, Dried egg whites, Corn Starch and Pure Cane Sugar.

Or these quite amazing MAC Finder Face Treats are perfect for all you Apple Mac fanatics this Christmas! It’s rare when I find a treat that he likes and doesn’t upset his stomach! He’s a hard one to shop for! But thankfully he loves these Nerdy Dog treats and they don’t bother his stomach.

They have also made some Holiday themed treats that I think are amazing and I already purchased two orders now of this Snow Pack! It includes my families favorite snowman, an snow flake, and Christmas tree treat in a pack!

They also came packaged very cutely with the ingredients on the back of the Nerdy Dog tags.

And I also got these amazing Ginger Bread men that look so much like Gingy from Shrek so you know we love them instantly! And the dog loves them too!

My favorite has to be this Gingy treat! They too came individually wrapped and so prefect for the Holidays.

They makes a great holiday gifts or stocking stuffers for your family pet or for friends and family with dogs of their own! The treats all come in a very cute in Holiday ribbon and clear baggy packaging and are all freshly made. 

The owner was also kind enough to send me some adorable geeky glasses treats for my dog to try.

As you can see my doggy Mr. Pink loves these treats! I’m sure your dog will love them as well!

All their treats are again Organic and Homemade. They are also Great for stocking stuffers and gifts for dog lovers as well as for your pooch!

So please check out Nerdy Dogs Treats at! I highly recommend them! They are so much fun for you and your dog and so perfect for the Holidays.

For more up to date info on Nerdy Dogs Treats be sure to check out their Facebook page at:

Happy Holidays Everyone and I hope your puppies will have a great one as well with the help of Nerdy Dog!

**Disclosure: I received some geeky glasses treats and purchased all other treats for our dog. All opinions are my own and I was not compensated in any way for this feature.**