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Is there a more perfect place to get all your Halloween cards then at Hallmark? I think not! Hallmark offers more than 260 Halloween cards, including cards for children, humor cards, bonus surprises, and even cards that practically send themselves. This year they have these amazing new motion cards and Halloween postage paid cards, so you don’t even have to go out and buy stamps anymore! Hallmark has done the work for you!

I love Postage-Paid Greetings since they make my life so much easier!  The postage on these cards is treated like a Forever stamp, and its value will always be equal to the price of a standard First-Class stamp, regardless of when it’s mailed. I think that is amazing!

I’m a card person, and I like to send cards to all my family especially around the Holidays and Halloween.

They always love the cards I send them from Hallmark!  There are always so many different designs that you can find at Hallmark, which I also love!  Just sign, seal and send.

This year they also have the most amazing cards with Sound that take on a new dimension when motion, light, paper mechanics, and a Halloween twist are involved.

I think these cards are fantastic! They are so AMAZING I decided to make a little video so you can see for yourself! Watch the video below!

How cool are those cards! Hallmark has definitely come along way since the first Halloween cards Hallmark produced in the 1920s along with a limited line of Halloween party accessories, such as nut cups and bridge tallies. In the late 1950s and early 1960s, Hallmark began producing Halloween centerpieces, masks, children’s things, and paper partyware items.

Not only do they make great cards but they make fun Recordable Storybooks!

These books are not just for reading, you can actually record you and your families voices with these amazing books and make the story your own as you read along. I know I’m always looking for more ways to spend quality time with my family, especially around the Holidays, and these books create the perfect opportunity for families to come together and capture holiday memories that last forever.

I was lucky enough to get a copy of the fantastic recordable book “We’re Not Scared of Anything” last year for Halloween. And recording in this book will be like a new tradition on Halloween for my family.

This Recordable Storybook is so amazing because it features exclusive voice capture technology that records the reader’s voice, which is then captured within the pages of book.  The details on how to record are very easy to follow and are printed directly on the inside front cover of the book and are also printed on the removable sleeve that comes wrapped around the book. It was super easy to do. It’s as simple as just pressing record and stop.

The story “We’re Not Scared of Anything,” in particular is intended for two readers, one adult and one child to read and record together.

You can also personalize the book with the names of those who are doing the recording on the 1st page, perfect for you and your children to fill out. The story of this book in particular is perfect for dealing with the issue of your child being afraid of the dark.

Kids can be a little scared of the things that go bump in the night, especially on Halloween. Once the candy is all gone they may be a little frighted after all the spooky activities. Recording this story with your child will be a unique bonding experience that will ease your child’s night time fears in a fun and playful way. A perfect family activity for Halloween!

“We’re Not Scared of Anything” is also a great Halloween gift idea for those who want to give their children a special uinque treat this Halloween instead of the typical boring candy! Hallmark definitely has me covered this Halloween!

You can find any of these amazing cards of the recordable story books In Hallmark Stores near you. Available at Hallmark Gold Crown® stores nationwide and wherever Hallmark products are sold. Use the store locator on to find the nearest Hallmark Gold Crown store.


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