Happy Friday! Anniversary Weekend!

Hey All!

Happy Friday and National Donut Day! I hope you’re all enjoying some of our donut treats or DIY’s today! Our 4 year wedding anniversary was on May 31st and I can’t believe it’s been 4 years since our muppets star wars wedding. I remember it like it was yesterday and it was such a magical day! Since my hubby works full time and we had an event for Plum Organics to attend on our anniversary, we’re taking this weekend to celebrate the day we made it legal. LOL. We’ve been together even before that for almost a decade, so getting married was just making it legal and throwing the huge party I’ve always wanted. Besides going out to dinner for our anniversary, packing for my trip home to NYC next week, and working on the baby’s room, it’s going to be a pretty hopefully relaxing weekend. Hope you have a relaxing one too!

Here are my fab finds of the week!

Did you see our preview of our baby room and our baby room must haves? Check it out HERE!

I can’t handle the cuteness of these DIY paper plate llamas!

I’m obsessed with this popsicle cake!

These are the cutest party favors in the history of ever! Food Cart Party Favors!

I love this llama cake soooo much!

I’m loving this Rainbow Bag!

And that’s all folks! See you next week where I’ll be in NYC by Tuesday!