Happy Friday and Halloween Time!

Happy Happy Friday All!

In case you haven’t seen the stores yet, Halloween time is in full effect! We can’t wait to start kicking off our content next week and I hope you love the costumes just as much as I do! We’re going to be shooting them all weekend, so stay tuned to our instagram stories for previews and behind the scenes of our shoots! We’re also heading to the Hollywood Bowl on Sunday to see the Muppets and working on a number of big brand campaigns we can’t wait to share! Lots of fun coming up! The holiday season for us has officially begun and it’s always our busiest and most fun time of year! Hope you all have a more relaxing weekend than I will be having this weekend.

Here are our fab finds of the week!

Did you see our colorful DIY Back-to-school Composition Notebook Brownies?

And our cute mini Peanut Butter and Jelly Sprinkle Covered Sandwiches?

I’m obsessed with this rainbow balloon backdrop!

How cute are these Fruity Party Picks?

I need a Sunday Funday soon and it’s starting with these slippers!

I have to make a giant confetti cookie cup asap!

I just found the perfect Barbie Pink Shoes!

This Swirl Dome Cake is amazing!

And that’s it folks! See you next week for some Halloween fun!