Happy Friday and It’s Oprah Weekend!

Hey All!

Happy Friday Bubbly Squad! First off, why is it so darn cold here in Los Angeles? It’s been in the forties here and we’re freezing! I know! People like my mom will say that’s not even freezing cold. Try below zero in NYC. Either way, I didn’t move to warm sunny Los Angeles to start getting weather in the forties. Climate Change is real folks! Tonight I’m going to a party and screening of the film A Wrinkle in Time! I have been dying to see this film since it was announced! It looks amazing! And I’m seeing it so that I can know what to chat about with the one and only OPRAH this weekend. Yes folks! I’m going to be in the same room with and chatting with Oprah this weekend! OPRAH! I’ve actually met her and Gayle before when she did the “O You” tour and stopped here in LA. I cried then and I’ll probably be crying this weekend too. So tune into my instagram stories tonight and Sunday for all the A Wrinkle in Time and Oprah fun!

Here I am with Gayle. I can’t find my Oprah pic though. Ugh! Hopefully I get another one this weekend with Oprah!

And here are my favorite links and finds of the week:

Did you see our no-bake almond coconut oat cookies?

How cute are these recycled cardboard DIY Cake Slices? Love them!

And these DIY Mini Rainbow Wooden Stackers!

How to hand embroider denim!

Don’t Rain on my Rainbows! Love this umbrella!

My new favorite rainbow ombre sweater! Wearing it this weekend to meet Oprah!

And that’s all folks! See ya on instagram!