Happy Friday Peeps!

snack pack pin | girl power pin| rest of the pins| rainbow bomber jacket| sweater sold out!

Hey All!

It’s going to be a jam packed weekend filled with lots of fun events. We’re kicking it off with a party at Big Bud Press today. It’s going to be a blast in their rainbow paradise that they call a studio! So excited for it! We’re also going out for a pizza date and we have an fun event Sunday with Milk & Eggs. It’s going to be a fun filled busy weekend. I’m celebrating it up since I’m feeling a lot better and looks like I’m getting healthy again. Losing weight and feeling good! I’m really taking more time to unplug and go out and do more fun things for myself and not letting the blog and my job rule my life. Get out and do something fun folks! If you’re in the Los Angeles area, come and party with me at Big Bud Press. Check out their instagram for details! And now for our fab finds of the week!

We went to the museum of ice cream and I can’t wait to go back in May. It’s the best place ever and if you can’t tell by the pic above, I’m obsessed with this place! Check it out HERE!

Wore my favorite ice cream pin to the museum of ice cream! I think you need one too!

I can’t with these churro action figures! Too cute!

I need to make me some fuzzy dice pinatas ASAP!

This is my new favorite sea shell bag and that’s because it’s rainbow!!!

I had to have this rainbow tape dispenser!!! Had to!

I’m living in these pink pants these days.

I joined the UNICORN SQUAD!!

Love this free printable unicorn greeting card I found! Too cute!

And don’t forget to make yourself some itty bitty pop tarts this weekend!

That’s all folks! Have an amazing weekend!! See ya next week or on social media! I always post on the weekends there!