Happy Fun Day aka Friday!

Fun Wall

Hey All!

So it’s been the best week ever! I got tickets to the Museum of Ice Cream and I’m heading to NYC next Friday, so it was like the best time to win them ever! I’m so excited. I also found this ice cream fun wall near my house and I’m so excited to finally have a mural I can easily get to! LOVE IT! I’ve been working so hard this week to get everything done for next week, I have barely slept. I’ve got a lot of fun collaborations and DIY’s coming up, so stay tuned for next week. It’s going to be a blast. Also check out my fab finds from the week! Have a great weekend everyone!

You need to make our DIY Pocky Filled Pool Floats Stat!

Check out our DIY Watermelon Dog Bed On the Jo-Ann’s Fabric & Craft Stores Blog!

EASY DIY Watermelon Dog Bed

Can I please get as organized as this! Love this craft room!

I’m loving this Mesh Lilac Bomber Jacket! If only it came in my size!

Love these Peanut butter and Jelly Cookies! Too Cute!

A unicorn tote bag DIY MUST!

This is the best! Ice Cream Sandwich Fairy Bread!

You need to be as obsessed with these Target Day of the week undies, like I am!

The best ring ever! A ring pop ring that lasts forever! My new favorite accessory!

Did you get yourself a gumball purse yet?

And that’s all folks! See ya next week!